Old, see Aftermine, Remaster of Expansion+

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Extremely WIP mod, with big ideas for the future. Currently has one base mod, Expansion+, and 1 addon. Hardcore+, which adds strong weapons and even stronger mobs with a progression system in production right now. My goals are to have Expansion+ alone fun to play, while also having addons as a buffer, for more fun. BTW Hardcore+ adds more than Expansion+ atm because I am having a lot more fun and ideas with HC+.

I am not working on this mod anymore. This mod has been remastered to fit better standards. See Aftermine.


Basic things added:



Clouds in sky

Ore in the sky

Copper Silver and Tin Ore

Charms, give a short potion effect when used

Magic and Enchanted items(9 of one item compressed into 1, for mass crafting recipes)

Dragon Armor, Best over all of the mods in the Ex+ system

Infinity and Limbo fragments, catalysts, and pickaxes

Wither bone dropped from wither skeletons. Used to craft obsidian pickaxe. 4 harvest level

Fortune pickaxes. Break easily but have fortune on craft

Lava diver suit. Crafted from nether materials and copper, gives fire resistance when worn


NEW! Magic+ NEW!

Mana. Replenish it with mana crystals. You have a maximum of 60.(Can be upgraded)

Wands. Deals ranged damage at the price of Mana.

Spell books. Deals ranged damage at the price of Mana.

Spell Tome. Increases maximum Mana when crafted or held in your inventory. Once it is in your inventory at least once, your maximum mana goes up to 100.

Mana Charm. Non consumable but gives 5 mana on use, Also scales with your mana tomes.

Coming soon to Magic+

Two Wizard paths. Good and Evil. Both paths have signature weapons that do more damage based on what path you chose.

TONS of weapons

Upgradable Mana Tomes

Special magic weapon effects

Mana Blades. Swords that do melee damage and shoot mana projectiles.



Strong Nether tier weapons

Strong early game helmet

Essences dropped by mobs to craft various elemental items

Charms, use able items that grant potion effects

A weapon that scales throughout the game based on what you have unlocked.

Very strong, complicated to craft weapon  used to fight the final boss, The God of Death

The GoD, three stage boss fight ramping up in difficulty with every stage, with dialogue and enemy summons to spice up the fight

Video of final boss


Very hard

A WIP super boss after the God of Death called Omega.

Drops materials to craft endgame weapons, optional boss as the mod is considered over right now after the GoD(God of Death) is killed.

Overall makes some vanilla aspects easier while making modded aspects REALLY hard.

New dimension that is able to be gone to after you kill the wither, The Void.

Portal blocks are void blocks gotten from the nether

Portal igniter is Void Lens, dropped by the wither boss.

The Void has the materials to make the summoning item for the GoD

The Void has the materials to craft the armor recommended for GoD.

Two new biomes,

The Void. Generates void blocks

The Calm Void. Generates void blocks of more variety and has a chance to spawn the first stage of GoD naturally.

Both are in the void dimension.




Modification files
Hardcore+ - Hardcore+ hot fix. Issue with Void Lens dropping from the Wither, again.Uploaded on: 11/25/2019 - 04:32   File size: 612.17 KB
Magic+0.1.2.jar - Magic+0.1.2Uploaded on: 11/26/2019 - 04:21   File size: 166.2 KB
Expansion+ 1.3.1.jar - Expansion+ 1.3.1: Overhaul UpdateUploaded on: 01/04/2020 - 06:55   File size: 399.84 KB

-0.1 - 11/18/2019

Mod uploaded

-Cloud Block

-Skyforged ore, skyforged ingot, and skyforged ore block

-Copper tin and silver ores+ ingots.

-Haste, Speed, Strength, and Resistance(HC+) charms! Right click for a short burst of potion effects

-Magic Gold, redstone, sugarcane, and Amethyst(HC+)

-Magic endstone, magically compressed endstone, double magically compressed endstone

-Magic enderpearl, magically compressed enderpearl, double magically compressed enderpearl, tripple magically compressed enderpearl

-Enderdragon Armor!

-Infinity crystal and infinity catalyst

-Limbo crystal and limbo catalyst

-Infinity and limbo pickaxe (harvest level 5)

-Unstable Diamond

-Miniature Black Hole

-Infinity stones with magical powers(unobtainable in survival)

-Unstable Skyforged ingot

-Infinity Gauntlet

-Wither bone, dropped by wither skeletons.

-Obsidian pickaxe(harvest level 4)


-0.1.1 - 11/18/2019

-Updated Ender Dragon Armor textures

-Glass pickaxe, has 5 durability, has fortune 5

-Philosophers Pickaxe, has 5 durability, has fortune 10

-Invisibility charm. When right clicked you are given invisibility for 10 seconds

-Night Vision Charm. When right clicked you are given night vision for 10 seconds

Thank you for checking out my mod! I am currently rolling out updates for Hardcore+ and expanded on the description. I put a video in the description showing the final boss for the mod. The mod is now mostly play able(recipes work ect).

This actually looks quite good, nice work! :) Might check it out when I get home

Thanks for 100 downloads.. but check out my mod aftermine which is this mod re-made and is actually updated regularly