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This Mod For 1.16.5 Adds Mjolnir, The Weapon Of Thor!


This weapon, famously welded by Thor the god of thunder original from history that was adapted into the world or marvel has been recreated by me into the world of minecraft.

this weapon has 13 attack damage by with the side effect of a 0.8 attack speed! but it also comes with the ability of striking down your enemies with the power of thor! by right clicking you summon down lighting on your cross air but this ability comes with a cool down of 2.5 seconds or so.


This Great Power Comes With Great Responsibilities.

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Mjolnir.jar - This Mod Adds Mjolnir, The Weapon Of Thor!51.46 KB

whoa, really cool for a first mod! i love how the lightning really strikes on your crosshair such that the distance changes; at first i thought it just used an unchanging distance, like only 6 blocks in front of you for example, but boi was i wrong. job well done! :D

PS: I can definitely see myself using this a lot of times, this is really a balanced implementation of Mjolnir and doesn't feel too OP for an otherwise powerful mythological weapon ;)

Amazing Mjolnir!!!, one of the best, but i think you should add Uru to craft Mjolnir iinstead of osmium. (Uru is the metal used to craft Weapons like Mjolnir, Stormbreaker and the Infinity Gauntlet(Golden Uru was used for the Gauntlet)