Armor Bonuses - Full Sets Mod

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This is a simple mod (which was made within 24 hours). It adds bonuses to the player when he/she is wearing a full set (helmet, chestplate, leggings, and boots) of one type of armor. This mod also adds 2 new items. These are leather strips, and Iron Chain Links. These new items allow the player to craft chainmail armor.


Full Set Bonuses

Diamond: Adds access to new achievements

Iron: Grants the wearer level one resistance and slowness effects.

Gold: Grants the wearer level one haste, but always gives the players position away with the glow effect.

Chainmail: Grants the wearer level one resistance, but occasionally gives it's position away with a *clink* noise.

Leather: grants the wearer level one speed.



3 leather placed in center row of the crafting table = 9 Leather Strips

9 Leather Strips = 2 Leather

A leather strip surrounded by 4 Iron Nuggets = 1 Iron Chain Link

Chainmail armor is crafted the same as iron armor, but uses Iron Chain Links instead of ingots

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In development
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Nice mod :)
A screenshot would be helpful, but I understand that it isn't exactly important in this case. It just makes the mod page look a lot better :)