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Published by dpoopoop on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 05:56
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this mod adds coal, lapis, redstone, obsidian, and dirt tools and armor, and LOTS OF SWORDS!

Base swords: No abilitys

Coal: 5

Redstone: 6

Lapis: 6

Obsidian: 7

Dirt: 8


1st Upgrade Swords: now have a ability. each base sword has 2 1st upgrades

Ignite: 6 (coal)

Ability: Fire resistance

Boom: 11 (coal)

Ability: explosion

Blood: 7 (redstone)

Ability: Healing

Crismas: 8 (redstone)

Ability: Gift (break block with milk or cookies in inventory to recieve items)

Water: 7 (lapis)

Ability: water (activate in air to save you from fall damage)

Lucky: 12 (lapis)

Ability: Luck effect (use fishing rod to get enchanted books)

Dark: 8 (obsidian)

Ability: Sacrifice health for strength

Sharp: 12 (obsidian)

Ability: None

Noob: 16 (dirt)

Ability: im a noob!

Clay: 10 (dirt)

Ability: Craft with orange dye or light blue dye to give ability to sword (orange: fire resistance) (light blue: water breathing)


2nd upgrade swords: improved abilitys and increased damage

Blaze: 7 (ignite)

Ability: fire resistance and lightning

Bomby: 13 (boom)

Ability: big explosion

Demon: 8 (blood)

Ability: heal for longer

Santa: 14 (crismas)

Ability: better gift (chance to get dark or vantablack sword)

Freezing: 8 (water)

Ability: water and snow golems

Lucky Day: 14 (lucky)

Ability: 2x Luck for 2x longer

Vantablack: 9 (dark)

Ability: sacrifice health for strength and chance for regen

Sharpest: 18 (sharp)

Ability: none

Derp: 32 (noob)

Ability: im a noob!

Elemental Clay: 12 (clay)

Ability: two more dye powers (bone meal: speed) (cocoa beans: resistance)

Vantawhite: 9 (vantablack)

Ability: change the time to day


Fusion Swords: combined abilitys of swords

Flame Creeper: 15 (bomby + blaze)

Lucky Freeze: 18 (lucky day + freezing)

Evil Santa: 18 (demon + santa)

Spikey Vantablack: 23 (sharpest + vantablack)

Derp Clay: 40 (derp + elemental clay)

B+W: 14 (vantablack + vantawhite)

Rainbow: 150 (flame creeper + lucky freeze + evil santa + spikey vantablack + derp clay)

F-sword: 235 (not its real name. not the F-word you expect. download the mod to find out!) (rainbow + coal + redstone + lapis + obsidian + dirt + vantawhite + B+W)


Redstone Golem: 1600 health 50 damage

Dirt Golem: 500 health 87 damage

Lapis Golem: 1000 health 70 damage

Obsidian Golem: 6000 health 60 damage (very slow)

Rainbow Golem: 7000 health 224 damage

F-Golem: 10000 health 399 damage

F-Boss: 13500 health 599 damage (very fast)

Iron Golem and Wither spawn eggs

F-Pickaxe: Faster than creative mode 185 damage

F-Axe: Faster than creative mode 325 damage

F-Armor: 75 armor bars each

Modification files
specialtoolsswords10.jar - Main PartUploaded on: 10/28/2018 - 10:54   File size: 896.47 KB
toolsexpanse3.jar - DLC 1Uploaded on: 11/04/2018 - 05:33   File size: 325.75 KB

DLC5. changed chest to trash can

DLC4. added chest

DLC3. added improved weapons and tools

DLC2. added biome and structures

DLC1. added DLC

12. aded wire boss

11. added new mobs

10. added food

9. added bebe weapon

8. added bebe and dumb francine

7.added crafting recipes to boss egg parts

6. added f-boss, f-armor, and f-tools

5. added advancements

4. added golems

3. added redstone golem

2. added fusion swords

1. added 2nd path swords

Cool! I think though that you should use to make more advanced textures. Its pretty cool!
PS: I submitted the berry bush mod, please give me feedback