HermosaGamba's Weapons

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This mod aims to improve minecraft combat by adding tons of new weapons and even some new shields. All this weapons have some kindd of special ability or gimmick that makes them useful in certain situations. The weapons are the following:

-Rapiers: Fast swords that deal very low normal damage but can pack a punch with critical hits, as they deal extra damage.


-Greatswords: Very slow swords that deal great amounts of damage and have very high knockback.

-Longswords: Average swords that have a special dash attack when right-clicking.

-Daggers: Faster but weaker swords that can actually be used from the offhand as long as you have a dagger in your main hand too.

-Knives: They may seem like regular swords, but they actually make the opponent bleed, inflicting some good chip damage.

-Hammers: Big weapons that deal high amounts of damage and have a special AOE attack that knocks everyone in the vicinity up in the air. Thay can also be used to mine stone.

-Lances: A versatile weapon that deals extra damage when riding a horse.

-Sais: A weapon that allows you to parry things, including creeper explosions and stuff.

The mod also adds shields of some vanilla materials, as well as some special items:

-Mirror shield: As its name implies, it deflects projectiles. Not just that, but it inflicts half melee damage back to the attacker.

-Mjölnir: The mighty hammer of Thor, it is basically a very OP hammer that can summon lightning. Use with caution.

-Scepters: Scepters are items that summon projectiles when right-clicked. Depending on the scepter, the projectile will have a different effect:

       -Fire: Explodes with high knockback and sets mobs on fire.

       -Ice: Doesn't have knocback, but freezes mobs in place and hurts them due to frostbite.

       -End: Very strong scepter that deals high damage and makes entities levitate for a while.

       -Wither: Allows you to shoot wither skulls just like the Wither!! Use with caution.



The mod is still in a beta state, meaning that there might be bugs. If you happen to find any game-changing glitch, please report back to me and I will try to fix it. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.




Modification files
HermosaGamba's Weapons.jar - Version 1.0.0Uploaded on: 03/09/2024 - 16:17   File size: 398.84 KB
HermosaGamba's Wepons.jar - Version 1.0.1Uploaded on: 03/15/2024 - 16:12   File size: 426.86 KB

V 1.0.0:

-Added rapiers

-Added greatswords

-Added longswords

-Added daggers

-Added custom shields

-Added knives

-Added hammers

-Added lances

-Added Mjölnir

-Added elemental scepters

-Added wither scepter

V 1.0.1:

-Added sais