RWAS-Random Weapons And Stuff Mod

Submitted by QB on Mon, 05/13/2019 - 07:16
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Hello everyone, welcome to R.W.A.S a.k.a Random Weapons And Stuff mod. I'm QB_ the mod creator.

Thanks to MrCrayfish's Model CreatorBlockbench and of course, MCreator, I have created these weapons and stuff. If you love the mod, remember to upvote, thanks!


I. The contents of my mod:

1. Weapons:

-Four types of Energy Katana: Base Energy, Tesla, Plasma, and Laser (Inspired by Shogo Heavy Industries mod for Fallout: New Vegas)

- Hawkeye or Ronin Blade (from Avengers: Endgame) 

- Nightstick and Riot Baton

- Spear / Naginata 

- Ka-bar Combat Knife 

- Hidden Blade

- Shock Blade [REVAMPED, it make an electric sound and add effects to the targeted entity upon it get hit] (Inspired by the Assassin's Creed Franchise)

- Shadow Blade [a wrist mounted crossbow]  (Inspired by the Assassin's Creed Franchise)

- Zweihander 

- Four types of Energy Tanto: Base Energy, Tesla, Plasma, and Laser (Inspired by Shogo Heavy Industries mod for Fallout: New Vegas)

- Throwing Ka-bar 

- Ice Blade (Froze an entity upon it get hit)

- Glaive (Right click to shoot if you have arrows in your inventory)  [uncraftable, there is a slight chance of obtained upon the death of Dark Shogun]

- Ultimate Tesla Katana (Summon lightning by right click on a block)

- Justice Sword (Inspired by Shadow of Death game on mobile) [uncraftable, there is a slight chance of obtained upon the death of Maximus]

- Tactical Axe 

- Fire Scythe  [uncraftable, too OP for survival]

- Black Axe  [uncraftable, too OP for survival]

- Love and Hate brass knuckles (Inspired by Fallout: New Vegas)

- Ultimate Laser Katana (sneak and right click on a block to explode any blocks or entity around except you)

- Trench Knife

- Daisho (Inspried by Shadow Fight 2)

- Hidden gun (Inspired by the Assassin's Creed Franchise)

2. Stuff and blocks:

- Pencil (yes, it is a weapon)

- A Rock (throw it at a player to give him blindess and slowness for a short period of time)

- Fencing Foil 

- Microphone

- Briefcase gun

- Throwing card

- Bolt

- .22 LR ammo

- Stimpak (Inspired by Fallout: New Vegas) [rightclick in the air to heal yourself]

- Frosted Steel (for crafting purpose)

- Laser Cartridge (for crafting purpose)

- Tesla Cartridge (for crafting purpose)

- Plasma Cartridge (for crafting purpose)

- Energy Katana Blade (for crafting purpose)

- Energy Katana Arm Guard (for crafting purpose)

- Energy Katana Hilt (for crafting purpose)

- Stealth Boy (inspired by the Fallout Franchise) [right click in the air to become invisible, right click in air while crouching to become visible]

- Stoned Cyber Laser/plasma/tesla Samurai (block that spawn cyber samurai when an entity walk on it)

- Dark Shogun Gravestone (summon Dark Shogun boss when a player broke the block)

3. Mobs:

- Cyber Laser Samurai

- Cyber Tesla Samurai

- Cyber Plasma Samurai

- Ronin/Hawkeye

- Cyber Warrior

- Dark Shogun

- King Guardian Maximus [Inspired by Shadow of Death game on mobile]

- Fallen Soul

4. Structure Spawns:

- Dark Shogun Tomb (spawn in desert, plains, jungle, taiga, swampland, and forest biomes)

- Ice Wall (spawn in frozen river, frozen ocean, ice flats, ice mountains, and ocean biomes)

​​​​​- Abandoned NCR ranger station (spawn in forests and plains biomes)

5. Armors:

- Spetsnaz Helmet

- Bike Helmet

- Heavy Shogo Assault Armor set (Inspired by Shogo Heavy Industries mod for Fallout: New Vegas)

- Light Shogo Assault Armor set (Inspired by Shogo Heavy Industries mod for Fallout: New Vegas)

II. WIP list:

- Altair Sword (Inspired by Assassin's Creed franchise) [finished, will be added in ver 1.5.9]

- Push blade

- Walking Stick (can be used as a weapon)

- Lynx's Claws (Inspired by Shadow Fight 2 game)

- Lynx boss (Inspired by Shadow Fight 2 game)

- Nether Castle (for the Maximus boss to spawn in)

- More OP weapons to take on the future OP bosses in the mod

- Ultimate version of plasma katana

- More Structures spawn

- More boss mobs

- More neutral and passive mobs

- More ranged items 

- Enchancement [Unable to create at the moment]


III. Mod status update:

- I'm currently work on more armor, weapons, and structure spawns at the moment.


 I hope you guys enjoy my mod and feel free to give me suggestion at my email: 

Thank you for following the development of R.W.A.S! Have fun and QB_ out!


-This mod required Minecraft Forge (the recommended version at the time writing this)

-If you get hurt by spamming right click with the Ultimate Version of Energy Katanas, this is not a bug, I did it intentionally to balance the OP-ness of them.

-I'd recommend you guys to download "Just Enough Items Mod" to know the recipes of these weapons and stuff if you haven't already.

-All of my current blocks are a bit buggy because of its region is in the wrong place, hopefully I will be able to fix it in version 1.5.9

- This is not a requirement, but I'd recommend you guys to download "Better Combat Mod", a mod which let you dual wielding weapons because its going to make my mod more fun, like dual wielding tanto.



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Submitted by Cryo on Tue, 05/14/2019 - 11:19

Woah! Good models!

Thank you! You can create your own model using MrCrayfish Model Creator too!

Submitted by FIDA on Wed, 05/15/2019 - 21:52

Great idea, your weapons models amazing