The Far Lands Mod

Published by Al114 on Fri, 02/14/2020 - 22:25
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This Far Lands mod gives 7 weapons 1 set of armor 7 gems and 7 blocks of extime power!


The Poison Sword this sword gives a small poison effect to any mob or player who is struck by it

The Ax of Warlords is giant ax that when a mob or player is struck by it gives a small XP boost

The Lightning Blade sends down a bolt of lightning whenever a mob/player is struck

The fireball stalf as you would expect sends down fireballs when used

The Crystal sword deals huge amounts of damage to undead mobs and sets them on fire

the flame Sword as you would expect sets mobs and players alike aflame

The Rage sword give a small weakness effect to the entity that is struck


Crystal Armor gives 43 protection in total and has 5 hardness


Poison Gem

XP Gem

Lightning Gem

Fire Gem

Frost Gem

Crystal Shard

Skull Gem


Poison Ore

XP Ore

Lightning Ore

Fire Ore

Frost Ore

Crystal Ore

Skull Ore


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Minecraft Forge mod
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The Far Lands Mod.jar - This Far Lands mod gives 9 weapons 1 set of armor 7 gems and 7 blocks of extime power!139.81 KB

Looks interesting, you got creative with the weapons :)
A few screenshots would make you get more downloads though