Nerf Weapons

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Yes, i Did a Nerf Weapon Which Has Various Types of Blasters :

Pistols Stats :
Damage : Low
Range : Low
Usage : Great

Sub Machine Guns Stats :
Damage : Almost Good
Range Almost Good (Very Good at Close Rang)
Usage : Almost Good

Assault Rifles Stats :
Damage : Great
Range : Great
Usage : Low (Sub Machine Guns would be Good than Assault Rifles in various Battle)

Shotguns Stats :

Damage : Very High
Range : Very Low
Usage : Medium (Some of them Are Low)

Light Machine Guns/ Miniguns Stats :
Damage : Medium
Range : Great
Usage : Almost Good (LMG will be Very High)

Sniper Rifle Stats :
Damage : Death Level
Range : Very Good
Usage : Least Usage

I will Update Them, Changing Their Stats in the future!

Modification files
NerfWeaponary.jar - 1.0 Nerf WeaponUploaded on: 07/29/2018 - 19:30   File size: 1.56 MB