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This mod adds spellbooks, a new type of crafting table, and some new swords.

First off, to use the abilities of any new item in this mod, you need to either learn combat skills with the sword of knowledge (right click to use), or the book of knowledge.

The book of knowledge gives the ability to use spellbooks, while the sword of knowledge gives abilites to the new swords in the mod.


Book of fire: not that powerful, just shoots a fireball.

Book of soulfire: literally a flamethrower.

Freezer book: shoots icicles that paralyze enemies.

Shadow book: punching makes the enemy take more damage and be unable to damage (PROJECTILES DOES DO DAMAGE).


Sword of ember: light the enemy in pulsing fire (doesnt wait for a second before damaging again).

Sword of frostbite: launches A LOT, but A LOT of icicles into the air.

Sword of ethereal essence: an endgame weapon. Makes the enemy lose hearts, and gives those lost hearts to you.

I wont list the recipes here since JEI is a thing, but the swords are crafted from the sword crafter which doesnt work with JEI. The sword crafters top left slot requires a netherite ingot for charge. AND, every sword requires a diamond sword on the top slot. So that leaves 1 slot, which depends on what you put in there that gives you the sword. Here are the valid materials:

Redstone block (sword of ember)

Packed ice (sword of frostbite)

Nether star (etheral essence)

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1.0.0: why did I put this in the changelog