Call of Yucatan

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Call of Yucatan is a mod that adds 2 dungeons appearing in the jungles. These dungeons reference Maya and Aztec mythology and culture. Puzzles, traps, monsters, and gods like Kukulkan await you. The mod features numerous construction blocks, ruthless mystical fauna, and resources that will allow you to craft advanced equipment useful in your survival

We're French and this mod was done with Mcreator (Sorry if we make mistakes in English 😅) 

Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024

The first dungeon you may encounter is the Overgrown Temple. It's a Maya temple made of ruins held together by indestructible vines. In the past, the people offered tributes to Kukulkan in this temple, and used mathematical advancements related to the calculation of celestial bodies like the moon, as well as light-reflecting technology. It's mainly built of Red Limestone and Ancient Gold, to pay tribute to Kukulkan.

The second dungeon is the Deadly Crypt. In this tomb rest Maya soldiers who died in great battles, now haunted by their lost spirits. This monument was built in enemy territory and is therefore filled with traps. According to legend, a jade deposit lies beneath the Maya cemetery of the crypt. It's mainly built of Ritual Stone and Jade, to pay tribute to Ah Puch.

In addition to the dungeons, the mod adds new types of weapons. The Macuahuitl is a wooden weapon adorned with obsidian fragments, as sharp as razor blades but still fragile. There are also spears, which allow you to attack from a longer range, available in three materials: wood, flint, and obsidian. The Tecpatls are very light Aztec daggers that allow you to attack your enemies quickly. They can be enhanced with the "Toxic Blade" enchantment, which poisons enemies, or the "Double Edge" enchantment, which allows you to deal an additional strike after your first attack.

In the tombs of the crypt, you can find an idol celebrating Ah Puch. Granting him enough Alchemy items during the New Moon will see you granted with his Bless, making you more resistant. Breaking the Idol without Ah Puch's Bless will enrage the deity, summoning an angry avatar of the God of Death. He will be difficult to defeat as he creates powerful shockwaves on the ground to propel you and summon undead monkeys from the underground to attack you. The avatar's powers vary greatly depending on the title his avatar will wearing, making one of his moves more powerful according to it.

In the new structures, you may encounter Undead Maya Warriors, wielding a Macuahuitl or a Spear. The Huracan, on the other hand, is a mocking wind spirit that possessed leftover bones; it'll launch deadly poison darts at you.

Occasionally, you will obtain their masks from monsters, and be able to wear them. These masks provide buffs during your adventures, like the Warrior Mask allowing you to attack more quickly, while the Huracan Mask will make you lighter to gravity.

In the Overgrown Temple, you may encounter the idol of Kukulkan. Granting him enough Gems during the Full Moon will see you granted with his Bless, making you faster. Breaking his Idol without his bless will summon his avatar, delivering powerful blows to the ground that will hurl you into the air. The main way to deal significant damage to him is to direct a beam of light onto his golden armor. This can be done with Reflectors, or using an Hematite Shield, a useful item to redirect Solar Beams

In the process of reaching his altar, you may first encounter leftovers of Mayan technology : Solar Projectors will emit a deadly beam of light, also called Solar Ray, that can be redirected on sides by rotating a Reflector. Hematite Blocks will redirect light in front of them, allowing you to force light's path to a single direction, or expand your systems by sending light vertically. This Solar Beams are the main way used to get rid of Mystical Vine blocks and Overgrown Chests, burned by the ray.

Modification files
call_of_yucutan-1.0.6-forge-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 06/13/2024 - 21:06   File size: 3.28 MB
call_of_yucatan-1.0.7-forge-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 06/18/2024 - 16:46   File size: 3.31 MB
call_of_yucatan-1.0.8-forge-1.20.1_0.jarUploaded on: 06/21/2024 - 06:15   File size: 3.32 MB

- Fixed Vines and Overgrown Chests not burning

- Fixed structure generation
- Tweaked Hanging Vine Hook
- Tweaked Loot tables 
- Added new advancements
- Added new enchantment
- Added Jade Amulet
- Fixed block map color missing for most blocks
- Tweaked Blow Gun way of working
- Tweaked the Doubled Edged enchantment
- Fixed an issue with item sacrifices
- Added Enchantment Description compatibility



- Added Golden Golems
- Added Fist of Doom
- Fixed EMI causing crashs

- Minor optimisation  
- Creating a Golden Guard now consume 5 minutes of your Kukulkan's Bless  
- Fist of Doom now deals 3x 10 damages, instead of 3x 16. Having the Ah Puch's Bless will change this to 3x14  
- Added the Obsidian Arrow, dealing 50% less damages but piercing armor, making it especially effective against highly geared ennemies. It doesn't pierce enchantment, but makes it more important to use them to counter it.  
- Tweaked loot tables

- Added new sounds to the Golden Guard
- Added Chaac, a jaguar made of stone
- Added new sounds and effects to the Fist of Doom
- Fixed the Fist of Doom rendering in off-hand
- Fixed the Golden Guard spawning issue
- Fixed the Obsidian Arrow localization issue
- Bless effects can't be cleared with milk
- Other small fixes

- Added Wand of Radiance
- Added a new crop, Chili Pepper
- Added a new drink, Xocolatl, used to extend Bless' durations
- Changed Golden Guard consumed duration to 10min
- Added new advancements
- Added Trim Material Support to the mod's ores
- Fixed minor bugs and typos

- Added the Sentient Vine (a Shape-Shifting tool)
- Buffed Wand of Radiance
- Added a Charged
- Animation for the Wand of Radiance
- Rearranged Creative Tab
- Changed Chili Pepper crops texture
- Kukulkan can now fly
- Solar Rays destroy blocks only when the doFireTick gamerule is true
- Other small fixes

- Bug hotfix (making some items unstackables)


HOLY YOUR so awsome this mod is sick. I wish i could ever do anything remotely close to this. Bravo. anyway how did u add the +1 entity reach I would Love to Know

looks sick! i love the way those skeltons look. are you planning to uploaad this to curseforge anytime soon? :-)

Hey, would like to know how you did the custom way the guy holds the spear? Thanks.

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Twitter page (

Very good mod you definitely deserve to win the mod jam , my mod can’t even compete.

Wow, awesome mod! I haven't even thought that it was made with MCreator, great job