Mo Armours Mod V1.0.3

Published by Zxa1 on Sun, 10/01/2017 - 16:40
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In development
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This is the Latest version of the Mo Armours Mod (V1.0.3)


#Slime Armour - (Bouncy)

#Dirt armour - (I mean its pretty bad but what did you expect...)

#Log Armour (Pretty week but better than nothing

#CobbleStone Armour - (Heavy but it will do the job)

#StoneArmour -(lighter than cobble but still pretty heavy)

#Obsidian Armour - (Heavy but durable)

#Potato Armour + Potato Iron (MMMmmm tasty and durable, who needs to eat food when you can wear it!)

#Immovable armour - (No Damage = No Movement, is it realy worth it though??)


That is it for now but more armours comming soon give me any suggestions for any armours you would like to see in the Mod and tell me if you experience any bugs, Thank you.

Modification files
mo_armours_mod_v1.0.3.jar - Add more Armour to Minecraft...167.19 KB

I'll give you an Idea that will fit your theme Cactus Gear that actually has thorns skill built in.