Emerald Fighting

Published by Garnet14 on Mon, 07/18/2016 - 12:21
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Hello everyone,

this is my first mod created with MCreator. Hope you like it.

This mod uses first of all emerald to create its items but also use other item like gold. In this mod you can find:

  • Basic emerald armor: better than diamond one
  • Etheric armor made by all 4 parts that give you some upgrade
    • Helmet: Night vision
    • Chestplate: Regeneration
    • Leggins: Fire resistence
    • Boots: speed
  • Emerdal apple: Item give 5,5 of hunger and some other boost. WARNING: Item consume immediatly, just right click mouse
  • Sceptre: This item is a king of sword that is made by an emerald and 2 blade. (Coming Soon: thunder on mob and give saturation when killed a mob)
  • Wand of Healing: This item has the same boost of the apple but upgraded. It consume just a diamond each use and it has endless use


Post a comment about the MOD and have a good day.


P.S. Sorry if my english isn't very good, but I'm studing in order to improve it.

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