The Warfare Tech Mod

Published by JPG on Sat, 02/17/2018 - 17:55
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Welcome to Warfare Tech! Beta!

Want to play a CS:GO in minecraft?

In this mod you can craft guns from multiple types of ores, plates and gears.

And provides you with some tools too, like the Bronze Drill that mine stone really fast.

The mod is focused in PvP and PvE adding rifles, machineguns, pistols and shotguns.




- Copper, Aluminium, Tin, Steel, Bronze and Titanium Ingots-

- Iron, Bronze, Diamond and Titanium Plates -

- Wooden, Iron, Bronze, Diamond And Titanium Gears -

- Bronze Drill, Machete(Cuts Barbed Wire faster) -

- Bullet, Titanium Bullet, Shotgun Shells, Rockets, Long Bullets and Granades -

- Old Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Combat Knife, Machine-Gun, Rocket Launcher, AK-47, AWP, Sniper Rifle, Combat Dagger, Desert Eagle, MP7, Granade Launcher, Supressed Pistol, Revolver, Granade, Dynamite, AUG and FAMAS -

- Skins for Pistol, Combat Knife, Combat Dagger, AWP, AK-47 and Desert Eagle -

- Barbed Wire, Sand Bags (Resist Rocket Explosion) -

- Apple Pie -

- Common Grassland & RedWood Biome, and small biome improvements -

- Kevlar Armor and Camo Armor -

Modification files
Warfare Tech Mod - Beta1.5 - 1.7.10 -.jar - Warfare Tech Mod - Beta1.5 -479.43 KB

Do you want version 1.12.2 ? Next update I'll change the version if you like.

1.2 Coming Up! Sniper Rifles and Combat Daggers with skins!

And really you should change minecraft version to this mod, nobody plays minecraft 1.7.10 now :/

Update 1.4 Alpha Is Here! (sorry for taking so much time to update)