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Published by MrCreeps on Wed, 04/29/2020 - 13:45
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The Overpowered Weapons Mod was going to be a reboot of my Ultra Weapons mod and Ultra Swords mod but I decided to try to make armors so I did. I then shifted the idea to be a mod about crazy late game weapons with strong mobs and awesome dimensions. This mod is still in development meaning not all changes are final.



  • Dragon Seed
  • Dragon Scale
  • MCreator Ingot
  • Champion Ingot
  • Dragon Steel (Lighter to Alterworld)
  • Royal Ingot
  • Altered Quartz
  • Cave Clock


  • Dragon Grass
  • Dragon Grass Block
  • Dragon Scale Block
  • Block of Meat
  • MCreator Ore (MCreator Biome)
  • Block of MCreator Ingots
  • Champion Ore (Champion Biome)
  • Block of Champion Ingots
  • Royal Ore (Royal Biome)
  • Block of Royal Ore
  • Crimstone (Champion Biome)
  • Code Stone (MCreator Biome)
  • Altered Quartz Ore (Alterworld Dimension)
  • Hardstone (Alterworld Dimension)


  • Dragon Armor - 20 Armor Full Set (Dragon Scale + Diamond Counterpart) (Gives Regeneration and Resistance)
  • MCreator Armor (MCreator Ingots)
  • Champiom Armor (Champion Ingots)
  • Royal Armor (Royal Ingots)
  • Meat Helmet (Meat Block)


  • Sword of the Dragon - 32 Damage (Fire Aspect 5, Knockback 5, Unbreaking 10, Mending 10) (Dragon Scale Block)
  • Meat Sword - 4 Damage (Right Click to get 12 Porkchops) (Block of Meat)
  • MCreator Sword / Champion Sword - 8 Damage (Corresponding Ingots)
  • Royal Sword - 9.5 Damage (Royal Ingot)


  • MCreator Set
  • Champion Set
  • Infi-Axe (Instant Mine Pickaxe) (COMMAND ONLY)


  • Dragon Fruit (Potion of the Dragon for 10 Seconds once Consumed)


  • MCreator Biome (Alterworld))
  • Champion Biome (Alterworld)
  • Royal Biome (Alterworld)


  • Alterworld


  • Potion of the Dragon (Dragoning)


Planned Features

  • 3D Models (Weapons and Mobs)
  • Custom Creative Innventories


Textures made with MCreator Textures and NovaSkin Resource Pack Creator

0.1.1 Version (Available for Testing)

Modification files
0.1.0-OPW-1.14.4-indev.jar - First Version326.96 KB
0.1.1-OPW-1.14.4-indev (Snapshot).jar - For Testing Use. This is Not a Final Version (Changes may not Apear in Changelog)553.38 KB

Sword of the Dragon

Dragon Seed

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Grass

Dragon Grass Block

Dragon Scale

Dragon Scale Block


Meat Helmet

Block of Meat

MCreator Ore

MCreator Ingot

MCreator Tools

MCreator Sword

MCreator Armor

MCreator Block

Code Stone

MCreator Biome (Alterworld)

Champion Ore

Champion Ingot

Champion Tools

Champion Sword

Champion Armor

Champion Block

Champion Biome (Alterworld)

Alterworld Dimension

Royal Ore

Royal Ingot

Royal Sword

Royal Armor

Royal Block

Royal Biome (Alterworld)

Altered Quartz Ore

Altered Quartz 

Cave Clock

Potion of the Dragon