The Warfare Tech Mod 2

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Welcome to Warfare Tech 2!

Want to play a FPS in minecraft?

The mod is focused in PvP and PvE adding rifles, machineguns, pistols, shotguns,SMGs and lots more!




- Copper, Aluminium, Tin, Steel, Bronze and Titanium Ingots-

- Iron, Bronze, Diamond and Titanium Plates -

- Wooden, Iron, Bronze, Diamond And Titanium Gears -

- Bronze Drill, Machete (Hack'n Slash!) -

- Bullet, Titanium Bullet, Shotgun Shells, Rockets, Long Bullets and Granades -

- Old Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Combat Knife, Machine-Gun (RAMBO MODE ONLY), Rocket Launcher, AK-47, AWP, Sniper Rifle, Combat Dagger, Desert Eagle, MP7, Granade Launcher, Supressed Pistol, Revolver, Granade, Dynamite, AUG and FAMAS - (Textures Updated)

- Skins for Pistol, Combat Knife, Combat Dagger, AWP, AK-47 and Desert Eagle -

- Barbed Wire, Sand Bags -

- Apple Pie -

- Common Grassland & small biome improvements -

- Kevlar Armor, Camo Armor and Spec Armor(Counter-Terrorists Win)-

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