Hero's Wepons

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  Your diamond sword is too weak? Or it's not durable enough to fight with the monsters? Don't worry, you found what you need!

The mod added unbreakable sword. And you can upgrade them to raise their damage!

 * Some information about the mod:

For Minecraft version: 11.0.2

Mod lastest version: 0.2

The current max level of the hero's sword: 3

The current max level of the ultimate pickaxe: 1

  * I will not show the recipes here! Try to use JEI (Just enough items) or something like that to check the recipes!

* Older versions:

0.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y8zstz0v579qvyz/Hero%27s_weapons_v.0.1_for_MC_11.0.2.jar


* Changelog: ( Mod version: 0.2 )

This version added a lots:

- Added Infused Furnace

- Added new material: Infused Quartz

- Added Ultimate Pickaxe Lvl.1

- Added Infused Sand, Pure Infused Sand

- Added Hero's Sword Lvl.2 & Lvl.3

- Bug fixes

If you have found any bug, please report me to fix it!

If you have any question or idea for my mod, please comment below!

It's free to make a showcase of my mod or use it in your modpack, don't forget to share it! 

Modification files
heros_weapons_v.0.2_for_mc_11.0.2.jar - 0.2 (Lastest Version)Uploaded on: 04/23/2017 - 12:52   File size: 54.05 KB