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Uncover ancient Talismans that the player can wear to provide combat related buffs, to collect these you must take on new "mini-bosses" known as Ethereal Monsters - these are regular monsters (including ones from other mods) that are given unique traits that provide a difficult challenge and add much needed depth to minecrafts simplistic combat. This mod is a great addition to any RPG or Rogue-Like modpack and adds both breadth and depth to Minecrafts looting and combat mechanics.


This mod features an additional inventory widget that lets you equip a ring & amulet. The default button to open this widget is "Y". Upon death the items in this inventory are dropped to the floor just like the in-game inventory -unless- keep inventory is on. Wearing a ring/amulet provides a passive buff to combat.



Rings & Amulets each take up a respective slot, meaning you cannot wear two rings/two amulets, you can wear one of each. With-in Talisman types you get defensive & offensive perks; for example the "Second Wind" ring gives you a speed boost when hurt at low health, the "Firey-Catch" means that when blocking a projectile with a shield you project a fireball back out at the enemy. On the flip side the offensive perks such as "Hooked Hotshot" that inverts the knockback of your projectiles allowing you to reel in enemys with a volley of snowballs.


Ethereal Monsters

These Talismans are a great addition to your arsenal and let you customize your build, but to get your hands on this gear you going to need to take on an Ethereal Monster... These creatures by default have a 1% chance of spawning - causing a regular monster to gain additional armour, attack damage & a unique special trait. These special traits range from providing support buffs to other monsters, channelling a storm at the player, summoning a locust swarm upon death, etc. These monster can be identified by their custom health bar above their head - the colour of which signifies which special trait the monster has. Once you have killed an Ethereal Monster they have a 20% chance to drop a random Talisman, be that a ring or amulet.


Full list of Ethereal Monster traits

  • Plague - Applys the plague effect to enemies preventing them from healing
  • Vertigo - Applys nausea to the attacker if they are hit with a ranged attack
  • Life Steal - Heals one HP every time they deal damage
  • Storming - Strikes lightning on players that get too close
  • Enchanting - Provides strength to nearby monsters (Buffed monsters are highlighted)
  • Swarm - Upon death spawns one silverfish for every heart they had
  • Webber - Traps enemies in cobwebs when attacking them
  • Healer - Heals nearby monsters
  • Arctic - Freezes nearby players causing them to become frictionless


This mod includes a gamerule that allows you to modify the rate at which Ethereal Monsters spawn - by default it is set to 1 which means that 1% of all eligible monsters that spawn will become Ethereal Monsters. To make it so that all monsters are Ethereal Monsters set the value to 100 (equivalent to 100%).


This mod uses many assets from Kyrise's Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack | Graphics made by Kyrise:

Some changes have been made to some of the textures - to find the originals please see the aforementioned link

Thanks to Kyrise for the Assets (CC BY 4.0 -
Thanks to MCreator for the software making the creation of this mod possible


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I noticed that you've used pre-made textures- if you ever need an artists feel free to hook me up
Great mod! :]

Good work, the artifacts look good, the only thing are the textures, they need to be enhanced, but other than that this mod seems pretty cool. I also have a mod that adds an accesory system like this, but it's not released on MCreator website yet. I really like the overlay with the item description when playing

PLEASE--Tell me exactly what you did to get those custom armor slots and make descriptions appear when you put a certain item in. I've wanted to do something like that for some time now.


The custom armour slots are simply saved as Global Variables that are Player Persistent. When you press the Talisman button, it opens a custom storage GUI and reads what the players Talisman is and sets the slots appropriately. When you close the menu it updates what Global Variable you have.

From there you can read what Talisman someone has by doing a logic test of the players Global Variable
(If you don't understand global variables, google them)


The text that updates is done by reading from another global variable that is a string. When you change item it updates what the global variable contains. Then when in the GUI, you add a text node, use the drop down menu to select custom variable, and change the custom variable name to that of the Global Variable

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

I consider myself very good with mcreator, yet I'm a noob compared to this guy.
I mean, like this should 100% win mod of the week.