The Mythic Swords

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This mod was made to add stronger swords that are good for defending yourself! Have fun making the seven swords i have implemented so far!

Thank you all for 100 downloads!

new things in latest update:

-1 new sword

-1 new ore

-alchemy table

everything added in mod:

-7 new swords

-1 new dimension!

-2 new ores

-And a few other things!

pure myth recipie:

myth ingot + mythic flint in purifier

flamium gem recipie:

flamium ore + mythic flint in alchemy table

If you have any suggestions please tell me!


-Added Emerald Sword And Sharpness upgrades

-added mythic sword and purifier

-added dimension and changed recipie for pure myth

Great mod! it reminds me of Tinker's Construct but for swords :)