Casey Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Casey mod by Jajcek and Miko


This mod is adding:

  • 5 ranged weopens:
    -casey with nails
    -Bright not strong
    -Ducky casey with nails
    -Duck Gun
  • 12 weopens:
    -Wooden casey
    -Golden casey
    -Doble casey
    -Super Nether casey
    -Hunter's axe
    -Doble super nether casey
    -Ducky casey
    -Ball of fat
    -Lesser fat sword
  • 4 armour sets
    -Lesser fat armour
    -Casey armour
    -Fat armour
    -Ducky armour
  • 6 foods
  • 2 tool sets and 1 Multitool
  • 2 types of backpacks
    -Small backpack
    -Big backpack
  • New Tool - dimension swither, that allows player to switch between dimensions any time
  • 6 new paintings
  • 26 total blocks
  • New crafting station - Nether Forge
  • 5 new biomes
    -Blood plains
    -Bloody forest
    -Blood desert
    -Bloody ice desert
  • New dimension - blood lands
  • 2 new fluids
    -Bright water
    -Bloody water
  • 2 new bosses
    -terminator duck
    -mega duck
  • 2 new enchantments
    -Crushing I-V
    -Speed Boost I-II

Created by Jajcek, using Miko's ideas

You can use it in modpacks

you should install JEI or NEI for recipes





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