Casey Mod

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Casey mod by Jajcek and Miko


This mod is adding:

  • 6 ranged weopens:
    -casey with nails
    -Bright not strong
    -Ducky casey with nails
    -Duck Gun
    -Terminator gun
  • 12 weopens:
    -Wooden casey
    -Golden casey
    -Doble casey
    -Super Nether casey
    -Hunter's axe
    -Doble super nether casey
    -Ducky casey
    -Ball of fat
    -Lesser fat sword
  • 4 armour sets
    -Lesser fat armour
    -Casey armour
    -Fat armour
    -Ducky armour
  • 6 foods
  • 2 tool sets and 1 Multitool
  • 2 types of backpacks
    -Small backpack
    -Big backpack
  • New Tool - dimension swither, that allows player to switch between dimensions any time
  • 6 new paintings
  • 27 total blocks
  • New crafting station - Nether Forge
  • 5 new biomes
    -Blood plains
    -Bloody forest
    -Blood desert
    -Bloody ice desert
  • New dimension - blood lands
  • 2 new fluids
    -Bright water
    -Bloody water
  • 2 new bosses(and one secret boss)
    -terminator duck
    -mega duck
  • 2 new enchantments
    -Crushing I-V
    -Speed Boost I-II

Created by Jajcek, using Miko's ideas

You can use it in modpacks

you should install JEI or NEI for recipes






Also, the mod have it's own discord server, join it here for beta tests of new mod versions and chatting with other players playing on this mod!


Changelog of version 1.1.3

New features:
  • new food type: infinifood, curretly not obtinable on survival, but will drop from terminator duck in the future

Balance changes:
  • Demage of super wooden casey buffed from 4,5 to 10

Fixed bugs:
  • some caseypart recipes were gliched
  • Ultimate Hiper Super Duper Mega Giga Ultra Fat Meal haven't summoned THE DUCK when eaten

Changelog of version 1.1.2

New features:
  • Way to summon the secret, final boss without command
  • Some changes in Mega Duck's AI, a lot of new, scripted atacks added to this boss
  • New weopen - Terminator Gun, that shots a lot of laser bullets in a short time
  • New useful item - Regenerum, that instantly heals user for one heart on use and have customizable keybind (deflaut "H") that allows you to use it in any time
  • New block, casey statue that allows you to have great looking casey in your house

Balance changes:
  • demage of hunter's axe nerfed from 35 to 15
  • Terminator Duck is now weaker than Mega Duck
  • Bright and strong now gives lower levels of effects

Fixed bugs:
  • Bright and weak not consumed on use
  • Mega Fat meal didn't dropped
  • Mega Duck was too easy to defat

i like the mod, if you can add a derpy pig, it looks like a derpy face on a pig