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Minecraft Forge mod
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BIG UPDATE (again)


2 new dimensions!


Pink Dimension , Non-indentified Dimension (check image for igniter craft and the portal)


5 new mobs : Terrorist , Infected Villager , Panda , another Pig  and a Boar


all mobs are reinforced


4 new plants , 4 new foods


the gunpowder block is now craftable!


Super Light Sword , Super Irys PickAxe , Non-identified Diamond Pickaxe


Obsidian sword , Pickaxe , axe , shovel and hoe! 


a new ore! Plasmanite , armor , sword , pickaxe , axe , shovel , hoe , Plasmanite Instable / Stable block , ingot! (its the most powerful ore in the mod!)


Lag Correction !


Check image for all recipes !



go on Curseforge for all Recipes

Modification files