Swords Or Something

Published by Sky-Ninja on Thu, 09/23/2021 - 01:21
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Version 1.0: 

Nether Star Dust: When a nether star is put in a grindstone, it forms this which can craft a Nether Star Sword.

Nether Star Sword: Gives all effects possible from a beacon at max level.

Shulker Sword: Enemies that are hit with the sword are given the levitation effect and take damage in the air and when they hit the ground. Can be crafted with two shulker shells and a stick.

Heart of the Sea Sword: Gives the Dolphin's Grace and Water Breathing Effect whilst being very powerful. Can be crafted with two heart of the seas and a stick.

Blaze Rod Sword: Gives Fire Resistance and sets enemies on fire. Can be crafted by using the smithing table with a netherite sword and a blaze rod.

Bamboo Staff: With the power of a wooden sword but double the attack speed and much more durability. Can be crafted by using 3 Bamboo.

Reinforced Bamboo Staff: A more powerful and more durable version of a Bamboo Staff. Can be crafted using a Bamboo Staff and 8 String.


Version 1.1:
Prismarine Conglomeration: An item formed by crafting 8 prismarine shards and one block. Two can be crafted into a Prismarine Sword.

Prismarine Sword: Does more damage than an Iron Sword and makes bubble particles when swung!

Crafting Animations: When ALL swords are now crafted, there is a new animation effect that plays complete with particles.

Membrane Sword: Gives Night Vision when in hand and does more damage than Iron Swords.

Hopefully more pictures and swords or something coming soon!

Modification files
SwordsOrSomething1.0_0.jar - First playable open mod to public50.88 KB
SwordsOrSomething1.1.jar - Adds Prismarine Conglomerations, Prismarine Sword, Crafting Animations, and Phantom Membrane Sword.76.41 KB


Version 1.0: Adds Nether Star Dust, Nether Star Sword, Shulker Sword, Heart of the Sea Sword, Blaze Rod Sword, Bamboo Staff, and Reinforced Bamboo Staff.

Version 1.1: Adds Prismarine Conglomerations, Prismarine Sword, Crafting Animations, and Phantom Membrane Sword.