Knights Of The Past

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Knights Of The Past

This mod is still on alpha, expect bugs.
Just Enough Items is 100% recommended for this mod!

The Knights Of The Past Mod adds 3 mini-bosses to fight, the Advanced Knight, the Destroyer Knight and the Ultimate Knight. Each one is harder and has stronger attacks than the previous one.

To summon each knight, you will need 3 new items:
the Advanced Knight summoner will summon the Advanced Knight,
The Destroyer Knight summoner will summon the Destroyer Knight
and the Ultimate Knight summoner will summon the Ultimate Knight.

Each time you kill one of the knights, they drop a soul of their own tier.
You can use their souls on recipes to make crystals to make a better summoner.
By combining Ultimate souls (dropped from the Ultimate Knight) with diamond/netherite armor on a smithing table you can get the ultimate armor!

If you find something too powerful or something that needs to be buffed you can comment or you can join the discord server and tell me!

Modification files
knights-of-the-past-1.20.1-forge-1.0.jar - Alpha version of the modUploaded on: 12/02/2023 - 16:09   File size: 112.54 KB