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Minecraft Forge mod
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P.S. This mod is translated into 5 languages (not counting English):
Russian (Google translator, and so am I.)
Ukrainian (Google translator)
French (Google translator)
Italian (Google translator)
German (Google translator)

This mod adds new class in Minecraft - Summoner!
Current only 14 staffs and 19 minions.

Planned Features:
ED staff | ED minion
All hostile/neutral mob staffs | All hostile/neutral mob minions

Modification files
minions_beta_1.1.3.jar - Beta 1.1.3301.95 KB
minions_beta_1.1.1.jar - Beta 1.1.1299.93 KB
minions_beta_1.1.0.jar - Beta 1.1.0305.2 KB
minions_beta_1.0.1.jar - Beta 1.0.1215.44 KB

1.0 - 11.05.2020
Slime Staff | Slime Minion
Irolem Staff | Iron Golem Minion
Spider Staff | Spider Minion | Cave Spider Minion
Vestaff | Vex Minion
Guard Staff | Guardian Minion | Elder Guardian Minion
Pigmen Staff | Zombie Pigman Minion
Magma Staff | Magma Cube Minion
Ghost Staff | Ghast Minion
Ender Staff | Ender Minion
Shell Staff | Shulker Minion
Wither Trident Staff | Wither Minion

1.0.1 - 11.05.2020
Some hitbox fixes

1.1.0 - 16.05.2020
Rotten Staff | Zombie Minion
                    | Husk Minion
                    | Drowned Minion
Skelestaff | Skeleton Minion
                 | Stray Minion
                 | Wither Skeleton Minion

Some minor changes and additions

1.1.1 - 21.05.2020

1.1.3 - 29.06.2020
Player now gets Slime Staff when joins in world (one time only)
fixed Slime minion drop, i forget it add when was testing new minion system lmao
P.S. new staffs is coming ;)

Oh, really cool mod! I also saw these mobs you made on that Discord server ;)

really sick mod. have you considered adding a skeleton staff? that would be e p i c.

These are so cute!!! Nice mod (that is a really hollow comment usually, but I'm serious). I want this mod. But... I don't have minecraft :(