Tough Times

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Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

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New Ores

Bronze Ore

Onyx Ore

Topaz Ore

Peridot Ore

Jasper Ore

Tin Ore

Amethyst Ore

Adurite Ore (Nether Exclusive)

Fire Crystal Ore (Nether Exclusive)

Pink Tourmaline Ore


New Weapons

Bronze Tools

Onyx Tools

Topaz Tools

Peridot Tools

Jasper Tools

Amethyst Tools

Adurite Dagger

Fire Crystal Tools

Storm Breaker + Scythe


3 New Mobs

Bomber - It is another creeper expect more dangerous and blows up when killed either way. Lighting striking them will only increase the explosion by 5x.

Reaper - An mob that has a 5% of spawning which drops the Scythe. Which can Teleport. 

Golden Knight - The new boss of the mod.

New Fuel Type

Tin can be used as Fuel in Furnaces which can cook 10 coal ores with one.


New Items 


X - X - X

Redstone - Bronze - Redstone

X - X - X


Lighting Rod

Iron Ingot - Redstone - Iron Ingot

Wire - Wire - Wire

Iron Ingot - Redstone - Iron Ingot



Amethyst - Amethyst - Adurite

Amethyst - Pink Tourmaline - Tin

Adurite - Tin - Tin


New Armor

Bronze Armor 

Onyx Armor

Topaz Armor

Peridot Armor

Amethyst Armor

Adurite Armor


Storm Breaker

An Axe that can mine really fast and you right click on a block. Lighting strikes. Useful to make super charge Creepers. Making Bombers make huge explosion, and much more. To make it you need the Blade and more parts

Wire - Blade - Tin

Wire - Lighting Rod - Tin

Wire - Lighting Rod - Bronze Clump


Risky Item

Suicide Vest is risky to use. Its best used with armor with Blast Protection to make big cave systems and find ores around you. Its a Win or Lose.

Leather - X - Leather

Wire - Gun Powder - Wire

X - Leather - X


More Updates to Come including Balance Changes


Modification files
Tough Times 2.1.jar - This does not include Fire Crystal Stuff, Ninja, Golden Knight, and Golem626.53 KB
ToughTimes.jar - Most Current mod up to date.717.42 KB
Tough Times 3.5.jar - Most Current mod up to date (No Nuke, Removed Ninja, and Golem, and Golden Knight became a boss, also Multiplayer Compatible)685.58 KB