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This mod adds different lightsabers to Minecraft. Some Lightsabers will not be craftable and some will. Each Lightsaber has a 3D model to make it look like an actual Lightsaber. This mod is mainly for the people who like the Star Wars movies and series. Things like the force will be added but not for a while. A texture will appear broken but don't mind it because it will be fixed.

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Modification files
Lightsaber Mod_2.jarUploaded on: 06/10/2021 - 02:06   File size: 221.22 KB

V1 adds:

  • Anakin's Lightsaber
  • Darth Vaders Lightsaber
  • Blue Kyber Crystal
  • Blue Kyber Crystal Ore

V2 adds:

  • Lukes Green Lightsaber
  • Darth Mauls Dual Lightsaber
  • Green Kyber Crystals
  • Red Kyber Crystals
  • Green Kyber Crystal Ore
  • Red Kyber Crystal Ore
  • Crafting Recipe for Darth Vaders Lightsaber

V3 adds:

  • Custom Blue Lightsaber(only in creative)