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Version 2 for 1.16.5 Has Been Released!

The mod has all sorts of weapons like Snipers ARs and Pistols. There are three attachments to your guns, Suppressors, Reinforced Iron, And Combat knives!

I hope that you do like this modpack because I have been working on it for some time now. By the way, the RPG is a little buggy and does a lot of damage but don't worry because it is not craftable, so have fun!

Warning! Snipers ARs and Shotguns are a bit loud!

Let me know if there is anything you would like me to add in the comments. Have fun!


Yep. I have added aliens and alien weaponry to the game. I have even added my own planet(dimension)! These guns are pretty powerful, and the strongest so far kills the Ender Dragon in 10-20 shots.

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Modification files
IronSniders Gun Mod.jarUploaded on: 06/21/2021 - 20:35   File size: 919.72 KB

V.1: Snipers, ARs, Pistols, all bullets added

V.1.1: Added Suppressors and Suppressed Assult Rifles and Pistols, Reduced damage for Sniper Rifle and Assult Rifle, Added Gun recipes

V.1.2: Added Shotguns and AI soldiers

V1.3: Added Military Helmet and Bullet-proof Vest

V2: Added more attachments, added RPG(only creative), Updated to 1.16.5

V2.1: Added AK-47, Scar, And Revolver

V2.2: Added AK-47 Barrel, Base, and Stock, Revolver Base, and Handle, added recipes for AK-47 and Revolver

V3 Adds The ST9-40(alien weapon) and laser for ammo, adds an alien entity and dimension called Planet-092

V4 Adds The PN3-13(alien weapon) and energy pack for ammo, adds red alien and pure energy ore to craft energy packs

V5 Adds The DR6-37 Rifle, Alien Scout, and recipes for all alien ammo

V6 Adds The RT9-73 SMG, Gunner Alien

V7 Adds 2 new swords, Energy Sword and Poison Sword

V8 Adds Iron Sight Sniper

V9 Adds 3D model MP5K(creative only)

V10 Adds Raygun

V11 Adds SIG 552

V12 Adds KBP 9A91, and VKS

V13 Adds Update warning and gun cooldown

Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to add