IronSniders Gun Mod

Published by IronSnider on Sat, 04/24/2021 - 16:05
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Version 2 for 1.16.5 Has Been Released!

The mod has all sorts of weapons like Snipers ARs and Pistols. There are three attachments to your guns, Suppressors, Reinforced Iron, And Combat knives!

I hope that you do like this modpack because I have been working on it for some time now. By the way, the RPG is a little buggy and does a lot of damage but don't worry because it is not craftable, so have fun!

Warning! Snipers ARs and Shotguns are a bit loud!

Let me know if there is anything you would like me to add in the comments. Have fun!

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More Weapons/Armor:

More Biomes:

Modification files
Gun Mod V2.2 1.16.5.jar - Version 2.2462.15 KB
Gun Mod V2.1 1.16.5.jar - Version 2.1447.68 KB
Gun Mod V2 1.16.5_0.jar - Quick Fix361.04 KB
Gun Mod V1.3 1.14.4.jar - Version 1.3205.59 KB

V.1: Snipers, ARs, Pistols, all bullets added

V.1.1: Added Suppressors and Suppressed Assult Rifles and Pistols, Reduced damage for Sniper Rifle and Assult Rifle, Added Gun recipes

V.1.2: Added Shotguns and AI soldiers

V1.3: Added Military Helmet and Bullet-proof Vest

V2: Added more attachments, added RPG(only creative), Updated to 1.16.5

V2.1: Added AK-47, Scar, And Revolver

V2.2: Added AK-47 Barrel, Base, and Stock, Revolver Base, and Handle, added recipes for AK-47 and Revolver