Combat Reborn

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This mod requires player animator for 1.19.4
Combat reborn is updated and maintained on curseforge


Combat Reborn, a complete rework of Minecraft's existing combat

New player abilities

Reworked critical attack system
- Critical attacks have been nerfed to 1.2x
- You now have access to a new critical attack with weapon-dependent scaling that requires a resource that you build up by landing hits with projectiles or weapons

- Each critical has unique animations and scaling as well as knockback
- When you land a hit on the ground or with a projectile, you generate a flourish charge
- Having 4+ charges will enhance your next sprinting attack and cause it to deal more knockback and weapon-dependent damage
- This is signified by your player preforming a kick

- Your flourish stacks can decay if you dont land hits, they also reset on a flourish

Unarmed blocking / Targe's

- Similar to 1.7.10's sword blocking, you can now block with the keybind V
- This reduced 50% of the damage you take and you are still agile while using it, this is less effective against axes and projectiles
- Targe's offer a stronger version of this block that reduces more damage and offers knockback resistance, it is a much more agile version of a shield- This has a cooldown of 2s and cannot be preformed with a shield
- Sprinting on the ground will cause you to generate a resource that will increase your movement speed passively 
- Landing hits with a weapon or a projectile will cause your momentum generation to be more effective
- This effect has a cap, and will decay if you are not on the ground or not sprinting

New items

Combat Tools

- Combat tools are alternative versions of Minecraft's existing tools suited with stats focused around combat
- Each one can be crafted by crafting a normal tool and replacing a stick with a wooden sword
- The current tools are the Combat shovel, Pickaxe, Hoe
- Each combat tool has there own unique sweep effect and enchantments to enhance them
- Combat shovel's sweep will deal increased knockback
- Combat pickaxe's sweep will deal increased durability damage
- Combat hoe's sweep will give less victim Iframes
Throwing knives
- Throwing knives are a quicker alternative to the Bow and Crossbow with less damage and power
- Throwing knives are can be used with elemental enchants and multishot / quickcharge ( Incompatable )
- Multishot on throwing knives will increase its windup and allow you to shoot three knives that can be enchanted with elemental enchants
- Throwing knives are crafted with a stick and its respective resource

 New Enchants / Enchant balance

New aspects: Earth, Gale, Frost
- New aspect enchants cannot be used with one-another and have there own ranged counterparts similar to flame

- Gale will cause air attacks to deal a small amount of true damage after the victims iframes have expired and does not grant iframes
- Its ranged counterpart " Gust " will cause the projectile fired to not be affected by gravity for a brief amount of time signified by a gale trail, if it hits an enemy during this time it will then proc the gale effect
- Earth will deal an AOE that deals true damage to anything caught in the range outside of the owner and the victim
- The AOE can be blocked by shields
- Frost will deal a frost effect to the victim similar to powdered snow, This has diminishing returns
- Each aspect has its own ranged counterpart that can be used on bows, throwing knives and tridents
Sharpness exclusive enchants: Lethality
- Lethality is an enchant that cant be used with sharpness
- Lethality increases the critical scaling of the weapon of both special and non-special critical attacks
- This is currently signified by a red attack particle on crits
Enchantment tablets
- Enchantment tablets can be crafted with a single lapis lazuli surrounded by cobblestone
- Enchantment tablets will allow you to freely move specific enchants between weapons
- By sneak right clicking you can set which enchant it will target in the weapon in your offhand, and then right clicking normally will target the enchant and remove it, adding it onto the tablet
- Right clicking again with a weapon in the offhand will consume the tablet and add the enchant onto the item
- This system allows you to add sharpness to tridents as well as fire aspect onto axes, and elemental enchants / multishot / quick charge onto knives
- Enchant tablets have some context  to enchants, and cannot allow vanilla and the own mods enchants to have forbidden combinations
( IE: Fire aspect and Frost aspect )
NOTE: This system is vital if you would like to get specific enchants on specific weapons

 Trident re-balance, Totem nerf, Shield nerf, Axe changes

Shield nerf

- All shields now have a cooldown of 2 seconds once they are lowered

- Shields will not grant flourish stacks to the attacker and you cannot flourish a shield user
Totem nerf
- Totems now grant " Tarnished " once they are used
- " Tarnished " last for 30 seconds and will prevent another totem from being used within this time
- If a totem is used while the tarnish effect is applied, the totem will not work and the victim will die
Trident Rebalance
- Tridents are now able to get sharpness / lethality through the enchantment tablet system, This wont apply if the trident already has a damage enchant such as riptide / impaling
- Tridents now can either have a ranged aspect or a melee aspect through the enchant tablet system, Ranged and mellee aspects cannot mix with each other
- These aspects will not be applied if the trident has chanelling / riptide
Axe changes
- Axes by default will now have access to aspects, and can also be enchanted with aspects through enchant tablets
- Axes also have been integrated into the existing blocking system, making them more effective against unarmed / targe blocks



- If you would like to add a tag to your own mods projectiles so they would grant flourish stacks, you can use the tag above in order to automatically integrate it with the mod
- TBA / More to come soon

Configuration files

- Almost every feature within the mod can be configured and adjusted to your liking.
- If you dont enjoy a feature, you can simply disable it or modify how it works.
- Combat reborn is a completely modular and well made mod.

Future content updates / TBA

- This mod over time will get new content patches, and if you would like to suggest something then please leave it below
- The next large feature will be a parry mechanic as well as a large rebalance update
- The mcreator page is not representative of the content within the mod, there is far more content within the mod and the description does not fully mention it all


Can i use this in my modpack?

- As long as i am credited, yes
Can i feature this in my video?
- Yes, Ideally reach out to me beforehand through discord / social media. 

I have a suggestion / bug report, how can i voice it?
- If you have a suggestion or bug report, then please either reach out to me directly or comments
Can this be used with other mods such as Bettercombat / EFM?
- It wont work well and dedicated compat likely wont be added since they are very different mods

Credits / Special thanks 
- Alex Gaming / Catastrophe mod, Throwing knife multishot

- Doug, Turisuto, v4mi, Pestilence / Our other playtesters
Special thanks to the modding communities over at discord who made this mod possible


Modification files
1.3.0CombatReborn.jar - 1.19.4: Requires player animatorUploaded on: 11/26/2023 - 03:36   File size: 791.54 KB
1.3.0CombatReborn_0.jar - 1.20.1: Requires no player animatorUploaded on: 11/26/2023 - 03:41   File size: 788.07 KB


New Enchants



-Max LVL:5

-Damage per LVL:1.2

-Usage: On sprinting attacks, you deal extra damage similar to sharpness



-Max LVL:5

-Damage per LVL:x0.24

-Usage: On hit, you deal an aftercut to a singular nearby mob that transfers the hits damage

to a max of 120x scaling with level. The range of this scales with 1.5X your range

Leeching Aspect & Leech


-Max LVL:2

-Lifesteal per LVL: 0.0375

-Usage: On hit you heal for a percentage of the damage you dealt, This is signified by blood-pop particles

Soulfire Aspect & Soulflame


-Max LVL:2

-Duration per LVL: 50

-Usage: On hit you apply " Soul fire " to the victim

-Soul fire is similar to fire aspect, however its much slower dealing damage every 40 ticks.

-soul fire is 100% true damage that ignores enchants / armor / ect and soulfire can continue to tick even if its

constantly re-applied meaning that it is far more versatile than fire aspect / active.

-Soul fire can deal damage to fire resistant mobs.

-Soul fire isn't a fire aspect upgrade and isn't mixable with flames, Soulfire deals less damage in exchange for
more potency / versatility

-Soulfire uses the NBT's "CRSOULFIRE (Status ), CRSoulFireProc (Pro-crate NBT), Damage source:SOUL

--Balancing & Reworks--

Distance damage rework

New Distance damage

-Distance damage now no longer gives additional damage when you are closest to an enemy

-Distance damage now instead has a much larger range calculated by your reach, and if an enemy is
outside of this reach then you will have a flat 50% damage reduction.

-Sprinting will cause you to ignore this and deal full damage regardless of your range, rewarding you for playing agressive

-Y values are only half as calculated and distancedamage proccing is indicated with critical particles

-This new system should feel much better to use and can reward players for playing agressive during neutral / PVE, distance damage will only really punish rangepoking
and reward agression

- This can be disabled, and if you would like to use the old distancedamagesystem you can use the " DoOldDistanceDamage " config whilst turning the " DoDistanceDamage off "


Guard changes

- Guard is now far more consistent and can block more damage sources making it more on-par with a shield or as a general defensive option

- In 1.19.4CR, you can see how much extra guard resistance targe gives you

Flourishes / Crits

Flourish / Crit balances

-Nerfed sword flourish value 1.75x->1.5

-Buffed hoe flourish value 1.4x?->1.75

Critical balances

-Buffed hoe crit value +0.15x

-Buffed shovel crit value +0.05x->+0.15x

Enchant changes

Frost Aspect

- Reworked Frost Aspect to have an AOE to which it applies

- Frost aspect now also uses a proper diminishing formula, meaning that it should be much better and more consistent to use now

- Buffed freeze enchant to 45T


- Buffed scaling to 0.095 per level

- It is now statistically better than sharpness



- Reworked guard and critical visuals, should be less visually demanding


- Added many new configurations to enchantments

- Properlly alligned earth aspect visuals


Compatability / item tags

- CR weapon enchants now apply to the following

Minecraft:swords Minecraft:axes combat_reborn:combat_shovel combat_reborn:combat_hoe combat_reborn:combat_pickaxe

^ This is in prepration for the datapack support update, but this is good to know
Please note that adding tags to items wont make there sweep effect work and heroism only works on the shovel
In the next update, datapack support will be added


-Fixed momentum breaking speed when you left your world with momentum which would bring you below base speed

-Improved enchant backend, enchants now only proc on an m1

-Fixed enchants proccing through guard ( This was horrible with frost aspect you could instafreeze )

-Fixed earth aspect killing EXP / Fixed earth aspect visuals

- Fixed Multishot / Quick charge not being removeable from crossbows with enchantment tablets

- Removed Guard soundspam & other things not worth mentioning

- Arcana command, this will add all enchants into a single item