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Published by Zardian on Sat, 02/20/2021 - 16:24
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disclaimer: this mod is a little bit broken problematic classes are heroism, mole, and villager play those at your own risk.

WARNING: DO NOT change classes it really messes up the code CHOOSE ONE AND STICK WITH IT

There's something for everyone from explosives to sealife go on journeys with friends find unique ways to get past your differences and try to survive.

Choose one of the 14 current races human, avian, villager, golem, enderism, lycane, feyline, heroism, fairy, phantom, bombardier, and mole with the command /homegrounds.

I would explain the classes but the mod already does that 

Modification files
home_grounds 1.0.1.jar - CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER (BROKEN)363.71 KB
home_grounds 1.0.2.jar - second oldest395.1 KB
home_grounds 1.0.3.jar - CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER(latest)422.19 KB

~update 1.0.3 (latest)

* Added skeleton

*heroism now get debuffed by holding nether rack

*minor bugs FIXES

*minor quality of life FIXES

*enderism lets you be in the rain with a helmet and chest plate


~update 1.0.2

*merlin can't wear helmets except for chain and turtle

*mole is fixed

*heroism nerfed

*added vampirism


*Added vampirism

*fixed mole


I would be glad for more detailed description explaining the content.

if you want to support the growth of this mod you can be apart of it by given ideas or just telling me ways on how to do things listed here:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cx_0GgtZilnYnDjH5S0nXc2nIkTvrCsPxJBiYOG46J8/edit?usp=sharing