More Weapons v.1

Published by ItsTroller on Sun, 08/18/2019 - 13:56
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More weapons is a mod that adds more weapons to the game.

It has it's own creative tab.

Items include:

The Emerald Sword, something that should be in the game. Crafted like a sword, but with emeralds. (THIS IS IN THE DEFAULT WEAPONS SECTION AT THE END, I WILL FIX IT SOON).

The Godly Sword, a powerful sword. It can only be accessed through creative.

And Animal Droppings. They drop from seeds, unedible, but if you smelt them or put it in a crafting table with a torch, they will be edible. It possibly gives poison.

They may appear invisible in the inventory, but if you open the large inventory, they will appear.

The mod should cause you NO LAG.

Hope you enjoy!

Modification files

Hi nice mod I am new here and how do you publish a mod to the community