Battleswords Mod

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Battleswords adds many new swords, which are very powerful, but expensive.


-Embued Diamond

-Used to make the base of all the new swords

-Crafted with 1 diamond and 4 prismarine shards

Dust of Empowering

-The base of all swords and runes.

-Crafted with 1 embued diamond

Rune of Sealing

-Used to give swords 4000 durability by combining the sword with it and 7 dust of empowering.

-Crafted with 8 dust of empowering and 1 redstone dust

Rune of Strengthening

-Used to Improve swords' damage by +2 by combining the sword, the rune, and 7 dust of empowering. Each sword can be upgraded 3 times

-Crafted with 4 dust of empowering, 4 embued diamonds and 1 emerald

Ultimate Weapons

-Made by combining a sealed and a fully strengthened (+6) sword of the same respective type, and 7 dust of empowering has 4000 durability and +6 damage, also crafted with enchantments

Legendary Weapons

-Made with 2 runes of strengthening, 2 runes of sealing and 2 embued diamonds, as well as respective ingredients


-Gives fire resistance on right click

-Crafted with the top ingredients, 2 nether wart and 1 blaze rod

Earthshatter Greatsword

-Gives resistance on right click

-Crafted with the top ingredients, 2 emerald ore and 1 bone


-Gives swiftness on right click

-Crafted with the top ingredients, 1 nether quartz, 1 nether star and 1 ghast tear

Kraken's Deepsword

-Gives water breathing, invisibility and haste on right click

-Crafted with the top ingredients, 1 lapis, 1 prismarine shard and 1 prismarine crystal

Elite Weapons

Delta Battlesword

-Gives every positive effect except for instant health and saturation on right click

-Crafted with every ultimate weapon and every legendary weapon


Excavation Brush

-Can be combined with certain blocks to excavate materials

Soul Sand = Nether Wart

Endstone = Popped Chorus Fruit

Prismarine = Diamond

Magma = Glowstone Dust

Granite = Redstone Dust

Diorite = Iron Nugget

Andesite = Gold Nugget

Gravel = Flint

-Crafted with 3 string on the top row, 3 gold in the middle row and 1 stick in the bottom row.


Aquamarine Ore

-Drops aquamarine


-9 aquamarine = 1 prismarine shard







Modification files
BattleswordsMod.jar - Download .jar896.03 KB - Sky Chest Texture for RockstarBonnet2.42 KB

This was made with old Mcreator (before procedures were added), so the mod is pretty bad.