Endgame Tools

Published by Uncle-Ele on Sun, 11/03/2019 - 20:41
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Endgame Tools

This mod adds a unbrekable set of tool made of Dragon's Egg.

Unlike others mod, this time you have to encounter a decision, what tool do I want?

In fact you can craft only one of the five tools

Chose Wisely



https://imgur.com/a/Allwl9W (Link because image surely won't work)

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Nice :)
I'd recommend making it a custom block that you can choose a tool to make from with a button rather than recipes. This way you don't have to only make the shovel, which is... let's face it... kinda pointless.

personaly, im not the biggest fan of the textures, becouse they look a little small to me spesifkly the sword, but hey, thats just my opinun