Crazy Combat Mod

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Introducing The Crazy Combat Mod! In This Mod You Can Discover New Armor New Weapons And A Use For Emeralds

All The Things In This Mod Include

  • Longswords
  • Battle Axes
  • Craftable ores
  • Steelinum And Metalinum
  • 2 new kinds of armor
  • Templates To Make Your Amazing Weapons

Updates And Crafting Recipies Posted Here

Any Questions Or Suggestions Let Me Know. Keep In Mind This Mod Is In Development And Will Be Receiving Frequent Updates

(Note": This Mod Was Made For And Because Of SSundee But You Can Still Download It)


Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
exoticswords.jar - 0.0.1 The Launch102.2 KB
exoticswords_0.0.2.jar - 0.0.2 Adding Emerald And Diamond Longswords120.11 KB
exoticswords_o.o.3.jar - 0.0.3 Added The BattleAxe135.61 KB


0.0.2-Added 2 new longswords (diamond and emerald),

simpilified the longsword blade crafting recipie (surround the template with the item)

nerfed The Shafted Longswords Damage

Braces can no longer stack

0.0.3-Added Battle Axe And Crafting Recipe For Battle Axe Template