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I finally Updated my first mod. This mod will add gunpowder weapons into minecraft. Gunpowder will be usefull. the fact if there is gunpowder in minecraft, also there should be a firearm. So, this mod will add some firearms or guns and another gunpowder weapon into minecraft. This mod showcase will explain about material, Recipes and how to used This Firearms. this my first mod showcase sorry, if there are some mistakes in my mod showcase.

This Update Will Add:

1. Musket With Bayonet


Just need iron sword for recipe.

Musket with bayonet can deal iron sword damage at close range and deal high damage at range.

2. Rifle



Firepower: Deal good damage.

Reload Type: Muzzle Loading.

Ability: Can Shoot entity at far range. Rifle shoot with longest range.

Disadventage: longest Reload time.

How to use Rifle:

First, you need 2 gunpowder and bullet to used this gun.

Next, you must right click it until 4 times until rifle ready.

Right clicked again to shoot the entity.

3. Barrel Bomb

Barrel bomb deal more explosive power than tnt.


How to used Barrel Bomb:

you can used this bomb with a redstone circuit.

You also can used TNT.


1. bullet power of guns increased.

    Musket from 2.7 to 3.

    Rifle have bullet power 4.

    Revolver, Flintlock pistol and repreater still have bullet power 2.


2. Grenade Explosive power decreased. for effective grenade explotion.

    Grenade new texture.


Basic Materials: Recipe

Gunstock: Basic and important materials for making guns.

Gun Barrel: Use for released bullet.

Percussion Lock: Use for ignite gunpowder to launch bullet.

Bullet: ammo for muzzle loading guns.

Bullet Catridge: ammo for repreating guns.

Shotgun Shell: Shotgun ammo.

Revolver Pack: For revolver crafting material.

Guns details, recipe and how to used it:

1. Flintlock pistol:



Firepower: Deal normal damage.

Reload Type: Muzzle loading.

Ability: no specific ability.

Disadvantage: No specific weakness.

How to use Flintlock Pistol:

you must have gunpowder and bullet to used this gun.

Right click for add flintlock pistol reload.

Right click to add flintlock ready.

Right click again to shot the entity.

so, must right click 3 times to shoot entity.


2. Revolver:

Recipe: (use Revolver Pack).


Firepower: Deal normal damage.

Reload type: Repreating.

Ability: shoot faster.

Disadvantage: need right clicking 9 times to reload revolver before use revolver with 9 bullets.

How to used Revolver:

you must have 9 bullet catridge in you inventory.

after you have it, click right. it will be add revolver empty.

now, you need to right click 9 times to consume bullet catridge and add revolver ammo (revolver use revolver ammo as bullet).

this picture is when you right click it until 8 times. still need 1 left.

after right click 9 times, it will add revolver and is was ready to used.

( there is bug, when you played creative mode, you will added 2 revolver items.)

But, still working in at survival mode.

after shoot 1 times, will added item revolver ready and you can shoot again by right click.


3. Musket:



Firepower: Deal high damage.

Reload type: Muzzle loading.

Ability: Effective again bosses and tough entity example: iron golem.

Disadvantage: Long time reload, weak against group of entity, wasting gunpowders

How to used Musket:

Musket will consumed 2 gunpowders and 1 bullets.

first, right click to add musket reload.

must right clicked 2 times to add musket ready.

Right click again to shoot entity.

so, must right click 5 times to shoot the target.


4. Repreater:



Firepower: Deal good damage.

Reload type: Repreating.

Ability: Can shoot group of mobs with instant damage,shoot faster.

Disadvantage: Not effective against bosses.

How to used Repreater:

need crafting table to fill repreater with bullets.(use bullet catridge).

after being crafted, need to right click repreater to add 16 repreater bullets.

after this steps, repreater ready to used. ( shoot repreating like revolver).


5. Shotgun:



Firepower: Deal huge damage.

Reload type: Muzzle loading.

Ability: Effective against tough target at close range.

disadvantage: weak agains group of mobs, long time reload.

How to used Shotgun:

Need Shotgun Shells in your inventory.

Reload same like musket  After reloaded, you can shoot only 2 times and reload it again.

 1 times shoot against iron golem.

2 time sshoot against iron golem.


The last is Grenade:



Grenade can deal explosive damage to entity. also, throwable grenade bring benefit for skipping trees or structures to deal explosives damage behind structures.



Explosives effect.

How to used Grenade:

you need a flint and steel item in your inventory.

Will added item grenade throw. used to throw the grenade.

For Bullet empty and Empty shells:

You will always found empty bullets if the weapons used bullet catridge and shotgun empty shells.

So, this empty bullets can be reload with this recipes:


This is all part of Gunpowder weapons mod for now. will add more items for next update.

Next Update will add: 

1. Cannon.

2. another items. still planned.

This is all my first mod showcase. Sorry if something wrong with this mod showcase. sorry for my not good english. me from indonesia. Thank you!





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For Klemen, i have been fix my mod showcase. I,m sorry. comment if there is something wrong in my mod showcase.

How do you set reload times for your guns?
I have tried many things but it has not worked for me

I love your mod but... Can you repair the bug of the V2 version that some guns (like the shotgun) fires like a machine gun when you keep press the right-button? Isn't so overpowered?