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Published by WJB's Mods on Mon, 08/03/2020 - 16:16
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Check the regularly-updated changelog to see what's coming soon!

Hey, do you like Steampunk? Then this mod is for you! Also Cosmic Horror, which this mod has elements of. 

List of stuff and stuff functionality:


  • Boiler - Can be changed to its Activated form by pouring Water on top of it and then using a Flint and Steel on it, Activated form will hopefully provide Redstone power in later versions.
  • Gilded Planks - Function identically to normal planks but .05 harder. Every wood type has a gilded version. Easier to mine with an Axe, but can be obtained with hands. Can now be crafted!
  • Eldritch Ground - Basically just Grass but 1 harder. 
  • Eldritch Crystal - Functions like Stone but stronger. Can be used as a beacon base. Tints Beacon Beams bright purple. Requires an Iron Pickaxe to mine.
  • Lead Ore - Similar to Iron Ore but with .5 higher Hardness and Blast Resistance. Requires a Stone Pickaxe to mine.
  • Block of Lead - 3.5 Hardness and Blast Resistance. Requires a Stone Pickaxe to mine.
  • Brass Ore - Similar to Iron Ore but with .25 higher Hardness and Blast Resistance. Can only be found in River and Ocean biomes. Requires a Stone Pickaxe to mine.
  • Block of Brass - 3.25 Hardness and Blast Resistance. Requires a Stone Pickaxe to mine.
  • Crucible - 5 Hardness and Blast Resistance. Requires an Iron Pickaxe to mine.
  • Eldritch Slime Block - 0 Hardness and Blast Resistance. Incredibly slippery. Can be mined with anything.
  • Lead Trapdoor/Door - 3.5 Hardness and Blast Resistance. Work like their Iron counterparts. Require a Stone Pickaxe to mine.
  • Brass Trapdoor/Door - 3.25 Hardness and Blast Resistance. Work like their Iron counterparts. Require a Stone Pickaxe to mine.
  • Stone Column - 1.5 Hardness and 6 Blast Resistance. Has Log rotation. Requires a Wooden Pickaxe to mine.
  • Eldritch Stone Column - 1.5 Hardness and 6 Blast Resistance. Has Log rotation. Emits End Rod particles. Requires a Wooden Pickaxe to mine. Obtained by taking a Stone Column into the Eldritch Dimension.
  • Stone Door - 1.5 Hardness and 6 Blast Resistance. Works like a Wooden Door. Requires a Stone Pickaxe to mine.
  • Iron/Brass/Lead Gear - 0 Hardness and Blast Resistance. Serve no purpose aside from making stuff look nice.
  • Black Sand - Like Red Sand but black instead.
  • Black Sandstone - Works just like Sandstone and its variants. The Carved version has gears on the sides!
  • Burnt Wood - Works just like most wood types. Includes doors, trapdoors and a Gilded variant.
  • Lead-Lined Glass - Should be translucent, but I messed up and can't be bothered to re-upload the mod so expect it to work in the next version.
  • Unstable Boiler - Satiate your need for SCIENCE by activating a Boiler with Lava instead of Water and then regret every one of the decisions that led to this point.


  • Eldritch Gem - Can be crafted into Eldritch Crystals
  • Lead Ingot - Can be crafted into Lead blocks and weapons.
  • Brass Ingot - Can be crafted into Lead blocks and weapons.
  • Eldritch Slimeball - Can be crafted into Eldritch Slime blocks.
  • Dimensional Crosser - Opens portals to the Eldritch Dimension when used on a frame made from Quartz Blocks.
  • Mysterious Note - Unlocks the Dimensional Crosser recipe.
  • Eldritch Fish - "Food". Makes you 5 points hungrier and applies six status effects; Night Vision, Strength, Health Boost, Bad Omen, Slowness and Bad Luck. Obtained by taking a Raw Cod into the Eldritch Dimension.
  • Lead Apple - Don't try this at home.
  • Tea - Drink. Recovers 4 hunger points and applies Speed and Haste.
  • Glow Sac - Can be crafted into Lime Dye.
  • Collapsed Turret - Looks like a block but it's actually an item. When used a block, a Turret Automaton appears.
  • Collapsed Corrupted Turret - Looks like a block but it's actually an item. When used a block, a Corrupted Turret Automaton appears. Obtained by taking a Corrupted Turret into the Eldritch Dimension.


  • Lead Sword - Deals 9 damage. Attacks with half speed. Can be used 131 times.
  • Lead Axe - Deals 8 damage. Attacks with half speed. Can be used 131 times.
  • Brass Sword - Deals 7 damage. Attacks with half speed. Can be used 250 times.
  • Brass Axe - Deals 6 damage. Attacks with half speed. Can be used 250 times.
  • Spear - Deals 6.5 damage. Can't be enchanted. Unbreakable.


  • Giant Automaton - Neutral. 30 Health. Deals 5 Damage. Drops 15 experience points and Coal. Summoned by right-clicking an Active Boiler with a Barrel above it.
  • Storage Automaton - Passive. 10 Health. Functions like a moving chest, and follows the player if they hold some Coal. Drops whatever was stored in it as well as a chest. Summoned by right-clicking an Active Boiler with a Chest below it.
  • Illager Machine - Hostile to Players, Villagers, Iron Golems and Snow Golems. 40 Health. Deals 7 Damage. Will hopefully spawn during Raids in later versions. Drops Coal.
  • Nightmare - Neutral. 25 Health. Deals 5 Damage. Drops 15 experience points.
  • Mind Flayer - Hostile towards Players, Giant Automatons, Iron Golems and Snow Golems. 50 Health. Deals 10 Damage. Drops 30 experience points.
  • Living Island - Passive. Dies in one hit from anything. Has a tiny hitbox. Very slow.
  • Octopus - Neutral. 5 Health. Deals 2 Damage. Drops 2 experience points and an Ink Sac. Spawns in Ocean Biomes.
  • Glowing Octopus - Neutral. 5 Health. Deals 2 Damage. Drops 2 experience points and a Glow Sac. Spawns in Deep Ocean Biomes.
  • Turret Automaton - Neutral. 5 Health. Deals 3 Damage. Fires burning pieces of Coal. Drops nothing. Attacks all hostile mobs. Can be "collapsed" into an item with right click. Keep away from Iron Golems.
  • Corrupted Turret Automaton - Neutral. 5 Health. Deals 3 Damage. Fires Eldritch Slimeballs that turn blocks into Eldritch Ground. Drops nothing. Attacks all non-Eldritch hostile mobs. Can be "collapsed" into an item with right click. Keep away from Iron Golems.
  • Smoke Elemental - Passive. 2 Health. Drops nothing. Constantly produces large smoke particles as it flies. Suffers from a major case of Hitbox Dissonance. Spawns in the Scorched Desert.
  • Incinerated Zombie - Hostile. Immune to fire. 5 Health. Deals 5 damage. Drops Charcoal and 5 experience. Spawns in the Scorched Desert.
  • Companion Automaton - Passive. 5 Health. Runs away when attacked. Drops nothing. Follows the player if they hold some Coal. Summoned by right-clicking an Active Boiler with a non-burnt Log below it.
  • Smoke Spider - Neutral. 16 Health. Deals 3 damage. Becomes hostile at night. Drops 5 experience points and a Spider Eye. Very fast. Spawns in the Scorched Desert. Emits smoke particles
  • Raider Scout - Neutral. 20 Health. Deals 3 damage. Drops nothing. Spawns in the Scorched Desert.
  • Raider Ranger - Neutral. 15 Health. Deals 8 damage. Carries (and rarely drops) a Crossbow and Plain Goggles. Spawns in the Scorched Desert.
  • Raider Warrior - Neutral. 25 Health. Deals 12 damage. Carries (and rarely drops) a Lead Sword and full Lead Armour. Spawns in the Scorched Desert.
  • Raider Leader - Neutral. 35 Health. Deals 15 damage. Carries (and rarely drops) two Lead Axes. Spawns in the Scorched Desert. Don't take on unless you're prepared.


  • Monstrosity - Enormous. Can be summoned with a Glowing Crucible block. 200 Health and deals 10 damage. Drops 150 experience points. Immune to Fire and Drowning.
  • Walking Wasteland - Double-height. Rarely spawns in the Scorched Desert. 40 Health. Deals 5 damage. Drops no experience points or items. Immune to Fire, Drowning and Cactuses. Deals 5 damage on contact. Turns Grass into Coarse Dirt, non-Flower plants into Dead Bushes and Coral into Dead Coral. Only detects player in a certain radius.


  • Goggles - Have the same protection value as Leather Helmets. Can use any coloured glass. Brass in texture is purely cosmetic and doesn't appear in recipe.
  • Diving Suit - Helmet has 2 protection and applies Water Breathing. Body has 3 protection and applies Haste. Leggings have 2 protection and apply Health Boost. Boots have 1 protection and apply Jump Boost. All parts apply Slowness.
  • Lead Armour - Helmet has 3 protection. Body has 7 protection. Leggings have 5 protection. Boots have 3 protection.


  • Eldritch Slime - Flows slightly slower than Water.


  • Eldritch Plant - Found in Eldritch Dimension.


  • Eldritch Dimension - Has plants, giant floating crystals, lakes of slime and several mobs.


  • Eldritch Crystals - Giant floating crystals found in the Eldritch Dimension. Quite rare.
  • Lab - Found underground in all Overworld biomes. Includes a chest with a high chance to contain a Mysterious Note.
  • Burnt Houses - Two types. Found in the Scorched Desert. One type has a bed in it. Made out of Burnt Wood and Smooth Black Sandstone.

Known issues (ones with a "*" will be fixed in the next version):

  • Eldritch Slime Blocks react strangely when blocks are placed on or under them.
  • Burnt Trapdoors have the wrong name.*
  • Several Burnt Plank-related recipes output the wrong item.*
  • As mentioned above, Lead-Lined glass should be translucent.*
  • The block-changing effect of Walking Wastelands occurs one block to the left of the entity.*
  • Lead and Brass blocks can't be crafted.*
  • Raider Warriors have the wrong targets set.*
  • One advancement (I Stab At Thee!, obtained by crafting the now-removed harpoon gun) hasn't been removed yet.*
Modification files
Beta 1.jar - Steampunk Mod 0.0: Pre-Industrial344.96 KB
Release 1.jar - Steampunk Mod 1.0: Industrial Revolution666.69 KB
Release 2.jar - Steampunk Mod 1.1: Tower Defense746.48 KB
Release 3.5.jar - Steampunk Mod 1.2.1: Wastelanders1.03 MB

Beta Build

  • 9 new blocks: Boiler, Gilded Planks (for each wood), Eldritch Ground and Eldritch Crystal.
  • 5 new mobs: Automaton (Giant), Automaton (Storage), Illager Machine, Nightmare and Mind Flayer.
  • 16 new armours: Goggles (plain, as well as 15 dyed versions) and Diving Suit.
  • 4 new TOP SECRET advancements.
  • 1 new plant: Eldritch Plant.
  • 1 new dimension: Eldritch Dimension.

  • 2 new structures: Eldritch Crystal and Underground Lab
  • 11 new blocks: Lead Ore, Block of Lead, Brass Ore, Block of Brass, Crucible, Glowing Crucible, Eldritch Slime Block, Lead Bars, Lead Door, Lead Trapdoor, Brass Door, Brass Trapdoor, Stone Door and Slime Drainer
  • 1 new mob: Living Island
  • 1 new liquid: Eldritch Slime
  • 6 new items: Eldritch Gem, Lead Ingot, Brass Ingot, Harpoon, Eldritch Fish, Eldritch Slimeball, Mysterious Note and Lead Apple
  • 8 new advancements: "That's Not Smoke..." for placing a boiler, "... It's Steam!" for activating one, "I Stab At Thee!" for crafting a Harpoon Gun, "En Guarde!" and "Excessive Force" for crafting the new swords, "Taking The Lead" and "Getting Down To Brass Tacks" for smelting the new ores and "The Specimen" for obtaining a Crucible.
    • 5 hidden advancements
  • 4 new weapons: Harpoon Gun, Brass/Lead Swords/Axes
  • 8 new recipes: Dimension Crosser, Lead Ingot, Block of Lead, Brass Ingot, Block of Brass, Harpoon Gun, Harpoon and Boiler
  • 1 new boss: The Monstrosity
  • Completely re-made the Eldritch Dimension Portal Igniter
    • Renamed it to Dimension Crosser
    • Created a new animated texture
    • Eldritch Dimension advancement uses the Dimension Crosser as its icon instead of Eldritch Ground
    • Updated the textures of all 15 Goggle varieties to be more consistent.
  • Updated the Diving Suit texture to look slightly more like the real-life Standard Diving Dress, while also changing the recipe to make it fit the new design
    • Each part of the Diving Suit now applies a different effect, with the Helmet applying 1 Water Breathing, the Suit applying 2 Haste, the Leggings applying 2 Health Boost and the Boots applying -2 Jump Boost, all pieces also apply slowness II
  • Changed the border block for Eldritch portals from Soul Sand to Quartz
  • Mind Flayers no-longer have health bars
  • Nightmares no longer apply potion effects
    • This role is now taken by the Eldritch Fish item, which applies different effects, three of which are positive and three of which are negative
  • Fixed some bugs
    • Fixed the Diving Helmet crashing the game, allowing the "Mr. Bubbles?" advancement to be obtained.
    • Fixed Boilers pointing the wrong way when activated while simultaneously making the procedure slightly less complex

  • 4 new mobs: Octopus, Glowing Octopus, Turret Automaton and Corrupted Turret Automaton.
  • 5 new items: Glow Sac, Collapsed Turret, Collapsed Corrupted Turret, Tea and Teacup.
  • 3 new blocks: Iron, Brass and Lead Gears.
  • Added a somewhat-interesting way of spawning Automatons.
  • Eldritch Stone Columns no longer emit particles, since it didn't look very good.
  • Removed Slime Drainers and Lead Bars because they were causing compilation errors, and because of the former's redundancy due to Crafting Tables already being able to turn slime blocks into slimeballs.
  • Removed the Harpoon Launcher due to it not fitting with the mod's aesthetic, as well as the projectile being improperly orientated.
  • Re-balanced Illager Machines.
    • Reduced attack damage to 4.
    • Reduced health to 25.
    • Changed the hitbox so they have a shorter range.
  • Renamed Harpoon to Spear, changed the model and decreased its damage output from 8 to 6.5 in order to better balance it.
  • Fixed several issues.
    • Illager Machines now drop experience.
    • Made it so that Illager Machines don't spawn in Ocean, Mushroom and River biomes.
    • Gave the Diving Suit Body hand textures.
  • Re-named the Automata.
  • Removed some unused textures and models.
  • Added full-stops to the changelog.

  • 23 new blocks: Black Sand, Black Sandstone (as well as Carved, Cut, Smooth, Slab, Cut Slab, Smooth Slab, Stairs, Smooth Stairs and Wall variants), Burnt Wood (Logs, Planks, Slabs, Stairs, Fences, Doors, Trapdoors and Fence Gates), Unstable Boiler, Leaded Glass, Leaded Glass Pane and Gilded Burnt Planks.
  • 8 new mobs: Smoke Elemental, Incinerated Zombie, Companion Automaton, Smoke Spider and raiders (Scout, Ranger, Warrior and Boss).
  • 1 new biome: Scorched Desert.
  • 2 new structures: Burnt House 1 and Burnt House 2.
  • 1 new boss: Walking Wasteland.
  • 1 new armour: Lead
  • Changed the stack size for Mysterious Notes from 64 to 1.
  • Updated the texture for Lead Swords so they now face the right way when held.
  • Gilded planks can now be crafted because I completely forgot to add a recipe.
  • Fixed some issues.
    • Drinking a cup of tea now re-adds the cup to your inventory.
    • Fixed both types of Collapsed Turrets not being added to the player's inventory.
  • Removed some unused textures and models.

  • Leaded Glass is (hopefully) now translucent.
  • Removed an unnecessary procedure related to a scrapped mechanic.
  • Lead Armour now applies Slowness.
  • Leaded Glass now makes glass sounds when broken.
  • Put various mis-placed elements in the right places.
  • Added a new Tab for the bosses.
    • Gave the Raider Leader a health bar.
  • Added a new set of advancements for the bosses;
    • Renamed the "Wait What" advancement to "Oh The Monstrosity!" and actually made it obtainable by defeating the Monstrosity.
    • Added the "Ecological Cleanup" advancement for defeating the Walking Wasteland.
    • Added the "There Goes Your Reputation" advancement for defeating the Raider Leader.
  • Fixed some other stuff that I can't remember because my laptop crashed and I forgot to save this list.

  •  new blocks: Skywood (Logs, Planks, Slabs, Stairs, Fences, Doors, Trapdoors, Fence Gates, Gilded Planks and Leaves), Cavorite Ore, Block of Cavorite and Skystone (Bricks and Doors), Stormcloud Leaves and Thundercloud Leaves.
  • 2 new entities: Flying Turret and Sky Octopus.
    • 1 new boss: Clockwork Sky Elemental
  • 3 new items: Cavorite Crystals, Sky Key and Coffee.
  • 1 new fluid: Liquid Cavorite
  • 1 new dimension: The Sky-World
    • 3 new biomes: Clear Skies, Raincloud and Sky Mountains.
    • 2 new structures: Hot-Air Balloons and Gear-Flowers.
  • 1 new armour: Brass (which has a custom model!)
  • 1 new potion: Eldritch Potion
    • 1 new potion effect: Eldritch Vision
  • 1 new ranged weapon: Gear Cannon
  • 3 new melee weapons: Wasteland Greatsword, Wasteland Pipe and Eldritch Hammer.
  • Fixed certain recipes having the wrong output.
  • Turned Connected Sides off on Lead-Lined Glass and made the texture more translucent.
  • Added recipes for Brass and Lead blocks.
  • Fixed Raider Warriors not attacking Villagers and made Raider Leaders hostile to Villagers.
  • Changed some procedure blocks so that Diving Suit pieces don't emit particles from their effects.
  • Brass and Lead axes can now be used as, well, axes.
  • Figured out how to apply vision-obscuring images.t
    • The entire point of the new Eldritch Vision effect is this.
  • Increased the Walking Wasteland's spawn chance from 1 to 3.
  • All the new bosses have custom weapons that they drop.
    • The Clockwork Sky Elemental drops the Gear Cannon.
    • The Raider Leader drops the Wasteland Greatsword.
    • The Walking Wasteland drops the Wasteland Pipe.
    • The Monstrosity drops the Eldritch Hammer.
      • Updated the icons for their respective advancements to reflect this.
  • Deleted an unused advancement.
  • Removed the Eldritch column because it caused compilation errors.
  • Renamed Carved Black Sandstone to the more consistent Chiselled Black Sandstone.

Nice mod. Next time, spawn the mobs with /summon and delete AI, so you can show them facing you

Is incredible. The first time I saw this mod it added six blocks and four entities, and now this is going crazy!