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Adds Satellites to the game!

Planned features

  • Differences between launches
  • Launching a satellite uses it up
  • Minenet becomes used for something (probably wireless redstone or communication or something)
  • Galacticraft integrations (i.e. Minenet relative strength changes between which planet you are on and your different launches)
  • More satellites!
  • Minenet relative strength

Current features:

  • Find two new ore types.
  • Refine one of them into rocket fuel.
  • Refine nether quartz into liquid silicon.
  • Craft solar panels.
  • Craft sat dishes.
  • Craft sat bodies.
  • Craft a satellite.
  • Launch the satellite.
  • Activate MineNet, a new Network of your satellites.


Modification files
SatelliteCraft1.15.2v1.0.jar - SatelliteCraft v1.0 (1.15.2)Uploaded on: 08/16/2020 - 23:33   File size: 132.3 KB


  • Added it lol.

Hi, nice little mod. I tested it in CreaMode but I don't realy understand how the Network works

Like it but needet in 1.16.1 pls mcreator make the 1.16.1 version!!!