Halo & MDE (Ft. Halo: CE)

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(Originally uploaded on CurseForge, I bring it here too!) (Thanks to MCreator, my imagination, creativity and abilities can form into solid ideas you can enjoy!)
Since MCreator website caps the files to 20mb, you can download a zip here with development notes and also a link to the original page.

|| Original Page ||


|| The Halo & MDE mod adds brand new depths to your Minecraft worlds! ||

Prideful to probably be the first Halo mod of its kind to bring Energy Shielding (WIP) and Plasma Weapons that Overheat, Halo & MDE brings loads and loads of building blocks, sets armor, weapons and more that are waiting for you!

If you're one of those who see unfair not having the chance to color your iron blocks... Now's the chance! Forge a new colored alloy capable of surviving blasts and even resisting and pushing away the darkest cr*p they can say about your building taste now! (PD: I'm not responsable of dying friendships after downloading this mod.)

This mod features a ridiculous amount of building blocks that can help you in the awesome task to build a Fortress Ring World Installation, a full size Covenant Supercarrier, The Great Ark or the entirety of the Halo Universe.

Are you bored of the medieval weapon tech of minecraft? No more! Halo & MDE features lots of guns (not explosives) for you and friends to use! Finding which weapon is the most broken or fun can be quite the experience. You will be capable of crafting from the cheapest and low-cost steel handgun to the most amazing Hard-light Star-feeded sniper rifle in our galaxy! (People will hate you for that)

Do you want more?

Armors, everyone knows that clothes with the goal of preventing you from dying to a several traumatic attack from other entities or... Lava. Well, you better check this out! You can choose crafting the human military hardware or betray your species and become a true war crime-enjoyer Forerunner Warrior-Servant. You can also somehow obtain the Ancient Human Armor and make it justice! Only certain sets of armor are compatible between themselves for the correct function of the Energy Shields, be careful! Once the user wearing these is damaged in any way, the shields will turn on for the first time and will spice things up a little. Now, the Advanced Helmets are the only ones to allow you know how many energy or ammo is left in your weapon, so brain your resources!

This mod is also worked out so several dimensions exist, featuring "Totally not a Moon knock off", a Misterious Custodian Satellite, a Forerunner Fortress World...

And all that was just the beginning! Do you want to travel to another plane of existence? How about three more? This is your chance!

Modification files
Halo & MDE.zip - An extra, unreleased cold Lightmap resourcepack for its use with Halo & MDE + a Text file with useful notes about development.Uploaded on: 06/10/2023 - 14:55   File size: 21.42 KB