Project Hiphop

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Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024. Click here to learn more.

Project Hiphop is a mod that adds various elements from hiphop & street culture. Express your beat making skills with the new Drumkit & Beatbox, or defend yourself with the Firearm! For the cooks out there, the mod adds Baking Soda, which can be mashed into baking recipes to multiply the efficiency! Attempting to smell Baking Soda will cause it to cook you, so be careful... In Project Hiphop, no matter your playstyle, there's something for you!

This mod requires Geckolib to power the animations! Download here.





Here's a list of all the features found in the mod:

Items: Drumkit, Baking Soda, Firearm, Magazine, Trona, Music Disc (Watch)

Blocks: Trona Ore, Block of Baking Soda, Beatbox

Misc: 1 new effect, 2 new baking recipes, 10 new trades

Technical details:

There's a delay of 1 tick before a Beatbox plays it's drum pattern

Firearms require no magazines in Creative Mode

All items are obainable though trading. Some are craftable.


Modification files
projecthiphop-1.0.0-forge-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 05/26/2024 - 08:15   File size: 1.41 MB