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Build Your Lab. Make Viruses. Make Medicine. Become The World's Greatest Scientist.


Welcome to Labcraft. In this mod, you work to become the world's greatest evil or good scientist by making viruses and cures. Go on your computer, and buy stuff on MBay. With this mod, the choice is yours. Lets dive in.



Crimson Menace





Hearty Milk






Quantum Flux Dimension Telelporter- Allows you to chose any dimension. Right click to open the GUI. Once you choose the dimension, you get teleported there.



Lab Floor 

Lab Wall- Both of these look similar, but actually they have different textures. Use this to build your lab!



Right click the computer to start it up. There are currently 2 applications at the moment, but don't worry, I will add more in future updates. You might notice that there is an application called MBay. When you open it, you see a store GUI. Lets focus on that one called "1 Iron Ingot- 1 TNT."  Hold 1 piece of TNT in your mainhand, then click the button, and bam! You have an iron ingot. You have to hold the item you are giving to the MBay seller in your mainhand to get the item. Now that you have the ingot, you can buy a diamond! Genuis!


Q and A


Why are there 2 types of viruses and medicine?

There is one splash type, and one drinkable type.


Why is there an error screen on MBay?

I coded a procedure to say "If you don't have the required item for the seller, open Error GUI." You might not have the right item.


I have an awesome suggestion! Where do you put it?

In the comments.


There is a bug!

Tell me in the comments!


How do you install this mod?


Well.. Here's how I would do it.

Step 1: Download the mod and copy it to your desktop

Step 2: Open Forge (It has to be version 28.1.106 exactly)

Step 3: Go to "Mods" and click Open Mods Folder

Step 4: Copy and paste Labcraft.jar or any version of Labcraft that you have into your mods folder

Step 5: Restart Forge and check "Mods". It should be there.. Have fun!


Thank you for taking time to look at my mod. I worked really hard on it. I hope you like it and I hope you have a great day!

Modification files
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