Electricity Mod

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Electricity Mod will allow us to make electrical items in minecraft! Batteries are use at powered items.

Batteries gets in the Generator

Crafting recipe of Generator, Transformer and Empty Battery
Crafting recipe of Generator, Transformer and Empty Battery





Electrical Items, Tools, Armors and Guns made with battery:


Electronic Guns
Electronic Guns
Electrical Tools
Electronic Tools and Armors

Powered Sword


Electronic Armor
Electronic and Powered Items make us more strong with effects (Electronic Tools, Guns and Armors are more powerful than Powered Tools, Guns and Armors



Also the development of the battery is Electronic Battery


Mega Generator
Crafting recipes of Mega Generator, Electronic Battery and Copper Block 


(Electronic Battery use at Electronic Items)


You can get copper from Copper Dimension, Copper Ore, Copper Mobs, Copper Tree, Copper Dirt and Copper Stone

Copper Blocks

Copper Items

Copper Dimension

Copper Dimension

Copper Dimension

Copper Humman

Crazy Copper Humman

Aggressive Copper Humman

Copper Warrior

Killer Copper Humman

Recipe Book   Recipe book allows to see all recipes of mod







Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
ElectricityMod_0.jar - Electricity Mod adds electrical items and copper items1.04 MB