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Published by 300f20t on Sat, 10/16/2021 - 18:31
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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
MIT License
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This mod will add many different items, tools and blocks to the game.In some moments it simplifies the game, and in some it complicates.The essence of the mod is to create various adaptations and with their help to reach the creative mode, command blocks and the bedrock.The mod is at an early stage of development, all versions of the mod can be downloaded from the link.

Modification files
creative_world_1.15.2_forge_0.1.8release+RU.jar - Converted to the old version (the latest version of the mod is 1.15.2)518.47 KB
creative_world_1.16.5_forge_0.1.9alfa_1+RU.jar - small fix (the latest version of the mod is 1.16.5)569.29 KB
creative_world_1.17.1_forge_0.1.9alfa_2+RU.jar - Added a new item bronze dust432.81 KB
creative_world_1.17.1_forge_0.1.9betta_1+RU.jar - Added an energy system508.14 KB

0.1.8 betta 1<1.16.5>

Added: new item battery

Fixed: minor bugs

Deleted: none

0.1.8 betta 1 <1.15.2>

Converted to the old version

0.1.8 release <1.16.5>

1.New structures of little and medium oil and gas mine.
2. New liquids oil and gas.
1.A few errors.

0.1.8 release <1.15.2> (the latest version of the mod is 1.15.2)

Converted to the old version.

0.1.9 alfa 1 <1.16.5>

Small fix (the latest version of the mod is 1.16.5).

0.1.9 alfa 1 <1.17.1>

Converted to the new version.

0.1.9 alfa 2 <1.17.1>

Added a new item bronze dust.

0.1.9 betta 1 <1.17.1>

Added an energy system.



you know that if you give a player a command block, if he ain't in creative he won't be able to use it right? did you set command permissions up so that doesn't happen

mi mod en curseforge