(Summer of Hologram Update) Effect Pads [FORGE]

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A Mod that adds whole new content to  minecraft

By improving reworking and adding new things (Specialy redstone)

All of items have cool features  and can be used in every way 

This my First Ever Mod so make sure to leave a feedback in comments

Mod its still in development so you can expect a Updates loaded with content and changes

Fun fact:

Thie first version of mod has been created in one week

Modification files
effect_pad-1.1.0-forge-1.20.1.jar - Updated Version Of effect pad and first major release Uploaded on: 06/09/2024 - 19:56   File size: 2.07 MB
effect_pad-1.0.0.jar - First Version Of Effect PadUploaded on: 01/12/2024 - 23:16   File size: 361.81 KB

[New] Version 1.1.0


    Added Bunch Decoration Blocks 
    Added Breathing Apparatus 
    - An Special Helmet with water breathing effect when have it on 
    Added Hologram Sword
    - That sword is Upgraded version of netherite sword and  can shot special projectile
    Added Hologramic Light, Hologramic Glass, Hologram Ladder 
    - All of them are usable with Hologram Remote 
    Added Conveyor Belts  
    - Conveyor Belts are rotatable and self-powered
    - Speed of it can be adjusted or turned off with Wrench
    Added Wrench
    - Wrench is an Tool that can change blockstates (and for now its only Conveyor Belt)
    Added Power Box
    - Power Box is a block thats is similar to redstone block but its controlable
    Added Wearable Nametag
    - for now its only a cosmetic
    Added Lab Drawer 
    - its an block that is better version of chest that has double storage and interesting gui 
    Added Vent, Lab Counter
    - they just a decoration blocks
    Added Black Tulip
    Added 2 Wood Sets
    - Charred and Bleached
    - these wood types are missing boats , signs, hanging signs,
    Added Natural Substances
    - these Substances are for making Bleached and Charred Wood
    Added New Villager Profession
    - The station block is Lab drawer
    - Scientist 

  • OTHER:
    Added 3 New Paitnings
    Added 12 New Advancments

- Changed recipe and texture of all essences

Hologram remote control
- Got its own 3D Model

Effect Pads
- Pads are finally can be connected with redstone

"The Nether" Painting
- got Tweaked Texture a bit

Some items got their own descriptions explaining these items easily

Future Plans:
Minor Update 1.1.1
Major Update 1.2.0

Version 1.0.0


Added 10 Effect pads  (Requires Redstone to power and gives effect after standing on radius of block)

The Variants of effect pads are:

  • jump boost
  • regeneration
  • levitation
  • (new) dash
  • darkness
  • blindness
  • night vision
  • water breathing
  • glowing
  • invisibility


    -added 10 effect Essences that are used to make effect pads

    (Essences are obtainable by brewing 

    Recipe of any effect essence is to add to any of required potion effects listed above and add amethyst  as a ingredient to potion)


    Potions Got added to remaining effects:

  • Glowing
  • Levitation
  • Blindness
  • Darkness
  • Wither
  • Haste


  • New Dash Effect:

After gaining effect it enables you to dash by clicking r button


    - Added Hologram Block And Hologram Remote Control

(Hologram Remote is Used to change state of hologram  block  from on to off and opposite by right clicking on

  • -Added Hologram Shield

Stronger Than casual Shield

it Regenerates Health and boosts player By deflecting  Other entities getting their attacks blocked by shield they get weakness and slowness for little amount of time

  • - Added Electronic Pattern

Item that is most important ingredient in entire mod that helpes you craft electronic stuff


  • - One new painting  Called "The Nether"
  • - Added 9 mod related Advancments

Future Plans

Version 1.1.0 (Finished)

  • Planned Features:
  • Bug fixes
  • Changes to Existing Features