Chiseled Obsidian

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This mod adds more obsidian variants, obsidian glass and some enchantments. It add a new obsidian biome with obsidian wood. The mod add all 16 colors of reinforced concrete, which is immune to explosions. It adds three weapons too. the weapons are: Obsidian Sword, Vampire Sword and Obsidian Spear. The mod add  Obsidian armor and tools. How to get obsidian without long mining? You need the new block Stone Generator. The Stone Generator need a bucket of Lava and a Water bucket to make obsidian or stone. It adds resistance potions.


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chiseled-obsidian-1.0.0.jar - Latest mod versionUploaded on: 03/23/2024 - 11:15   File size: 417.92 KB