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What is Chem-Craft?

Chem-Craft is a mod based on the periodic table of elements, and what you can do with them! As of 2018, in real life, 118 elements are found, with many alloys, mixtures and compounds made from combining them! These cool materials are now in your world!

What's currently in the mod?

Currently, these are in the mod:

  • 6 New Ores  (Copper,Tin,Cobalt,Nickel,Silver,Zinc)
  • 7 New Ingots (Copper,Tin,Cobalt,Nickel,Silver,Zinc) + (Bronze - A Mix of Copper and Tin Dusts)
  • 3 Dusts (Copper,Tin,Bronze)
  • Cork Plants - Quercus Suber
  • Unrefined and Refined Cork (Smelt unrefined for refined)
  • Unrefined and Refined Cork Logs and Planks (Crafted from Unrefined and Refined Cork )
  • Test Tubes - Made of Unrefined Cork and Glass, can store chemicals
  • 8 Chemical Test Tubes (Copper,Tin,Cobalt,Nickel,Silver,Zinc,Gold,Iron) (Made of 3 of the Ingot Type, A Test Tube, and Chemical Lava)
  • Strengthened Bricks (And Block!) (Combine Chemical Lava and Bricks)
  • Chemical Lava (Combine Lava and Refined Cork!)
  • Grind Grid (Make Ores into Dust) (8 Cobblestone surrounding a flint)
  • Bronze Tools (made the same way as normal tools)

Also, you can convert Coal to Diamonds in Simple Steps (But Costly)!

  • Make 32 Carbon Test Tubes
  • Surround 4 Flint with these Test Tubes, you  will get 2 Carbon Balls each time
  • Use A Grind Grid on the 8 Carbon Balls you should have to get 8 compressed carbon balls
  • Surround 1 obsidian with the compressed carbon balls for 1 carbon chunk
  • Use a grindstone on the carbon chunk for 1 diamond!

Currently, only 9 of the 118 elements are added. Currently, only Tin,Carbon and Copper Do things (Though Gold and Iron Ingots stay the same as vanilla, and coal in it's normal state stays a fuel) but more are planned. Currently, these 9 are classed as Tier 0 Items, not to hard to get, Not Dangerous, and simple to craft and mix.

Tier 0 - Easy and Safe

  • 6 - C - Carbon
  • 26 - Fe - Iron
  • 29 - Cu - Copper
  • 50 - Sn - Tin
  • 79 - Au - Gold
  • 27 - Co - Cobalt
  • 28 - Ni - Nickel
  • 30 - Zn - Zinc
  • 47 - Ag - Silver

Future Plans

In order of Most Priority to Least:

  • Uses for Iron,Gold,Zinc,Cobalt,Nickel and Silver
  • Radioactive and Dangerous Elements
  • All 118 Elements (+ Extra MC themed ones)
  • A Way to Synthesize Elements
  • Alloys and Mixtures and Compounds (Brass,Stainless Steel)
  • More Tools and Armour (Bronze Armour, ect)
  • Elemental Mobs


If you have any suggestions, feel free to suggest in the comments, if you like it, also comment, and make sure to share and download!

Recipes can be accessed through TMI,NEI or JEI. Some of the recipes are shown in this imgur file for convenience:


Modification files - Version 1.0 (CURRENT VERSION)Uploaded on: 06/08/2018 - 16:44   File size: 258.97 KB
  • V 1.0 - First Version, Adds lots of new things. Stable.

But I think you should make a machine which processes the ores, because some of the ores don't really contain pure metal, ex: tin is obtained chiefly from the mineral cassiterite, which contains stannic oxide, SnO2 (from wikipedia). However this is Minecraft, not real life, so do what you want =D