The A-Virus: The Biological Apocalypse

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The A-Virus: The Biological Apocalypse

The A-Virus Mod is all about adding a new threat added to your world. The way to start the apocalypse is player controlled because this Virus once unleased to your world, you can't stop it and now must survive the aftermath.

What should you do before the apocalypse?

Well for one, you should get enough materials and food so that you don't have to run out of materials during this apocalypse as this Virus will consume everything and I mean everything except for bedrock, air, and one very special block. The block in question is 'Antiviral Block'. This block is the only block that can't be consumed by the Virus. So I would 100% use this block for your apocalypse base. You can craft it with 8 stone block (any stone should be fine) and Antiviral Coating which is found in safe houses which are only found in desert and plains and it is craft with gunpowder, redstone dust, red and white dye, and a special flower it is found only in the forest. I will add more information later on when I updated it again, so I hope you would enjoy this mod. 

Modification files
The_A-Virus-1.18.2_1.0.jar - The A-Virus mod is released.Uploaded on: 07/27/2022 - 19:49   File size: 122.78 KB
The_A_Virus-1.18.2_1.1.jar - New releaseUploaded on: 08/10/2022 - 21:15   File size: 178.49 KB

The second release of the Mod


  • Supply and Food Vending Machine


  • Iron and Gold Coin

Food and Consumable


  • Vending Machine
  • Water Tower
  • Watch Tower


  • Some more changes I don't remember.


Well the A-Virus is killing any bacteria in the ground and creating more of itself. The A-Virus is not a normal virus. It's a biological weapon made by an unknown group who also made the Antiviral Blocks and other little things.