Our Galaxy Mod

Published by Misha UwU on
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This is mod about many planets, and their moons.

For now it's just a demo, and it's bad

Just a first and DEMO version.

0.0.2 (upcoming update)
- Chromium, Copper, Zincum, Marsite and Moonium.
- Mars
- Mars Entities
- Oxygen System
- Planetary system - Sina 182, with 4 planets

Modification files
our-galaxy-demo.jarUploaded on: 07/13/2021 - 13:16   File size: 1.24 MB

Guys, sorry for the big delay in the new version, I just forgot about it, and then there were problems with teleportation to the planets, so I will have to recreate the project to an older version, so there will be no decorative versions of blocks for a while, I'm also going to animate mobs using the GeckoLib plugin, this is all the news for now, I will try to release the mod very soon (in about 1-2 weeks).