Sonic Screwdriver mod for 1.7.10/1.9

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New Screwdrivers!

Added Crystals from 1.7.10

Added New Abilities: Screwdrivers can now open Doors! 12th Doctor's Screwdriver can Create a Non-Dangerous Lightning Strike upon Shift+Right Clicking. Can now Turn Dirt to farmland.

Added Artron Container: Does Nothing! Amazing!

Cleaned Up Old Code!



Version 2.93-C (1.9): BETA/STABLE

This mod allows the user to Craft and use tools Called Sonic Screwdrivers.

These Sonic Screwdrivers can activate Redstone Circuits and can Perform Neat little Tricks.


TNT Example. NOTE: Activating TNT will Spawn in 2 Primed TNT Entities. YES!! DOUBLE THE POWER!

Lightning Strike

The new GUI.

The new Upgrade Table. It now has Animated Textures.

The Screwdrivers now have to recharge in order to use them. P.S. They Can Self-Recharge/Repair. They can also Display stats.

Artron Container (Release Particles by Shift+Right Clicking)



Iron Doors



Crafting Recipes:

The 12th Doctor's Screwdriver

The 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver (NOTE: Swap the ender pearl with a Sonic crystal)

The 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

The Sonic Crystals:

The Crystal for the 10th Doctor's Screwdriver

The Crystal for the 11th Doctor's Scredriver


The Upgrade Table

Artron Container



The Screwdriver does not Render Correctly.



Add New Sonic Abilities like Farming, Shockwave, And setting things on fire.

Add Sonic Scanning.

Add NBT data To Screwdrivers? (Could be used for modular Screwdrivers).

Work on the Upgrade table GUI.

Add Trans-Dimensional Travel? Time travel?

Add Overlay?

Add Dynamic Lighting?




1.7.10 Description--->

This mod adds in Sonic Screwdrivers, A bow tie, and The Invisibility Cloak!

The Screwdrivers can be used for Farming, Burning down trees, And activating Redstone circuits!

The Invisibility Cloak can be use for sneaking up on friends and attacking mobs without being seen...or...the other way around.

The Bowtie Just looks AWESOME!!!







Working on giving the screwdrivers a chance to break.

Finally!!! the Upgrade/Repair table has a use!!!

Attempting to fix Sonic Eraser door glitch.

Disabled Sonic Eraser Door glitch temporarily.




12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Rainbow Screwdriver

Christmas Screwdriver

3 kinds of Sonic Crystals

Color Matrix for Invisibility cloak

Candy cane




Christmas Present---Can give you stuff!!!

Sonic Screwdriver upgrade Table

Anti-Gravity Sand

Anti-Gravity Gravel


Current Abilities:


Activate redstone for a brief second

Burn Down Trees


Activating Redstone lamps for a brief second---BETA

Turning off redstone torches and redstone ore--BETA

Open a Abilities/Utilities GUI---BETA

Christmas Screwdriver can turn any chest into a present box if you have a Candy cane in your inventory




How to craft Sonic Crystals:


How to craft the Screwdrivers:

How to craft the sonic eraser:

How to craft the Sonic Upgrade table:

How to craft the color matrix:

How to craft the bowtie:

How to craft the invisibility cloak:

How to craft the present box:

Other Mod Logos:




make a upgrade table/bench ADDED IN V0.5.5

Improve the upgrade table

Work on the Repair System

Work on the Sonic abilities/utilities



Upgrade table is now fixed...mostly

Sonic Eraser does not work on doors so I disabled it

The Screwdrivers do not always turn grass/dirt into farmland--This isn't a glitch. they only turn DIRT into farmland AND only if near water OR if near other farmland.




V 2.6.2:

Added: Christmas stuff like... A Present Box!!!

Added: Christmas Screwdriver

Modified: Gravity/Experimental Sonic---gave it a chance to break.




V Beta@1.6.2 - V Beta@1.7.5

Added: Farming Capabilities-70% done

Added: Rainbow Screwdriver

Added: Bow-tie

Added: Invisibility cloak

Added: Info Page-0% done

Modified: Sonic Upgrade Table Model


V Alpha@1.5.0 - V Alpha@-1.5.2

Removed Sonic Phaser

Removed Redstone Screwdriver

Added 10th doctors sonic

Added Sonic Deleter

Changed Sonic Screwdrivers from items to tools so they render better

Changing Sonic Upgrade Table GUI a bit

Added Custom Block model for Sonic Upgrade Table

Sonic Upgrade Table is very glitchy

Changed Screwdriver textures




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Its a good mod but my server lagged out. It's still an awesome mod!!!
Dude make more Mods!!!!!!


Cool but how exactly did you make it activate doors and the redstone signal stuff?! i am makigna mod with similar item but i dotn know how!pls gte back to me as soon as possible

when i make new events for an item, there's a missing action: activate redstone/redstone signal (i don't remember). All blocks have that action but not items. How do you make an item that works like a button? Have you coded?

hey I'm making a doctor who mod and I would like to know how you coded the sonics to open and close doors and ignite TNT if you could tell me that will save me so much time