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Hello! Welcome to a mod Myself and JonnoPonno been working on for a few months now. It is still in development, so expect bugs. Welcome to Simply Additions, soon to be a technology mod. The mod adds a ton of new features such as, new food items, a new ore, and the star of the show, the Press. The press is almost exactly like a real life hydraulic press. I do recommend that you use JEI for recipes, in terms of the press recipes, follow the Press Recipe Book. This mod is available for 1.16.5. Have fun, and let me know of any bugs. Thanks for choosing my mod! Check the changelog for changes

Use that link for more versions of Simply additions

Modification files
SA_1.16.5 v4.jar - Press Recipe Book1.89 MB
SA_1.16.5 v5.jar - v5 release2.2 MB
SA 1.17.1 v6 Alpha_0.jar - 1.17 Support2.01 MB
SA 1.16.5 v6 Alpha 2.jar - v6 alpha 22.32 MB


- Changed texture of the Press (it goes by the laws of physics now)

- Added the Press Recipe Book

- Added recipe for the Press Recipe Book (ironic I know)

5.0 Beta

- Added kreyodon, drops kreyodon hide when killed

- Kreyodon hide can be used to make armor

- Added kreyodon fangs and bones, only available in creative atm

- Added the Purification chamber and the distilation chamber

- Added syringes and styms, only available in creative atm

5.0 Beta 2

- Fixed Kreyodon texture

- Fixed Kreyodon loot

   - Kreyodon actually drops fangs and bones now

- changed recipe for kreyodon hide armor


- v2.1 no longer available

- Tweaked Kreyodon, Kreyodon Hide, and Kreyodon Hide Armor textures

6.0 Alpha

- Added 1.17 support

6.0 Alpha 2

- backport to 1.16.5 due to mcreator snapshot being a little wonky

- Added Obsidian Panels, Refined Obsidian Panels, and refined obsidian

- Added Metal Refinery

    - Recipes will be worked out

    - Only works over a soul or normal campfire

- Tweaked textures of all machines

This. Name. IS A RIP OFF! The mod itself is pretty good, but please rename it, as another mod(Actually Additions) already exists, with a similar name.