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Hello! Welcome to a mod Myself and JonnoPonno been working on for a few weeks now. It is still in development, so expect bugs. Welcome to Simply Additions, soon to be a technology mod. The mod adds a ton of new features such as, new food items, a new ore, and the star of the show, the Press. The press is almost exactly like a real life hydraulic press, however only the GUI works at the moment. I do recommend that you use JEI for recipes. This mod is available for 1.15.2, and will be updated to 1.16.5 once MCreator updates to the new version. Have fun, and let me know of any bugs - @GalaxyGamingYT5 on twitter - Thanks for choosing my mod!

Modification files
SimplyAdditions.jar - SA_1.15.2225.31 KB
SimplyAdditionsRev2.jar - SA_1.15.2 Rev 2227.52 KB

1.0.0 - Public Release

1.0.1 - Hammer recipe is not shapeless anymore (Rev 2)