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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod connects magic and technology, collects fragments from the land of stone and obsidian in order to advance in the mod, to make certain things you will need magic collectible in old libraries scattered in your world with all these machines, have fun automating your whole world while becoming the best magician there is.

a monetary system is also integrated

list of machine:



-lava generator

-assembling machine




-flux recuperator


-plating machine


-electric furnace



a book will soon be present to explain all the mod


Future Update :


- {Add} Tin nuggets and Titanium nuggets

- {Add} Crusher

- {Bugfix} The cables did not work

- {Bugfix} The recipe of copper nugget and infused nugget did not exist

- {Bugfix} The value of the diamond coin has been rectified to 1000 instead of 10000 according to the bank

- {Bugfix} The message "this is not a teleporter" has been removed when we right click on a machine with the wrench

- {Bugfix} Some minor bugs with the quarry

Modification files
indolution.jar - Electro-magic mod7.64 MB