Fred's Pack 2

Published by FredLeon on Sat, 06/22/2019 - 17:00
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Welcome to Fred's Pack 2

After the first one was a failure.

I made this mod in a span of 2 weeks adding every good idea i had, this mod contains:



40 Items

18 Blocks

3 Armor Sets

307 Mod Elements

This mod will recieve updates in the future like new dimensions, weapons, items and Blocks, in the next updates i will add a guide book to the mod with recipes , Then let's get to what this mod contains

Mars Dimension


Random Meteorites will start appearing in your world, they contain mars rock, with it you can make the portal to the mars dimension, then you need to craft the space knife alfa crafted with void fractures, an ore you can find very deep in your world

On the surface you will find strange trees or strucutres.

In the undergorund you will find coal and iron ores that give double than normal ones when mined or smelted, in addition 2 new ores, ruby and titanium.

with ruby you can craft an armor set and tools stronger than diamond, but with titanium it is harder, you will have to craft a pump, as in the mars dimension you can find oil that can be extracted with a pump, just put glass cells inside of it and it will extract the oil, next you will have to make a refinery, putting oil cells in the refinery with coal will make heating oil that can be used as a fuel and gasoline, with the gasoline cells you can make gasoline tanks, meanwhile if you smelt the titanium ore you will get titanium bars, when put in the refinery you will get refined titanium bars, with refined titanium bars and gasoline tanks you can make the titaniumn armor, the titanium armor will give you buffs like speed and jump boost.

Color Particles

Color Particles will be an important component in next updates, there are 9 types of color particles:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Brown

each of these particles has three variations , normal , super and mega , putting an item in the crafting table will give you color particles for example a gold sword will give you 2 Super Yellow Particles.

The Runic Set

You can craft special stones that give you buffs by putting rune stones and runes in the crafting table, you can craft runes with color particles and enchanting books, by putting these rune stones in the crafting table you can create the runic armor by far the strongest armor in the mod, it gives regeneration, speed, strenght and water-breathing.

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In development
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Cool mod :D
You should submit it for MOTW
Can you change the texture of those white blocks in the Mars structure so they look better together?

Great mod :D
The textures are very good! Just what Raol said about the Mars Structure blocks though, the border doesn't really work well with them.

Nice Mod! 10/10!
I love the Structures and the Blocks :) 1+ Upvote!
Could you help me with my Cosmocraft Textures? {Space Themed}