Hardware Craft

Published by GrGgamer on Fri, 03/27/2020 - 19:27
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This is a 100% fan made technology mod which contains a lot of interesting tech-stuff for geeks like myself. I will expand this mod often and I would like a page for all the recipes, informations etc. I hope you enjoy playing this mod even if it's in an early stage.


Make sure to write down your ideas in the comment section.


Usage of some recipe-showing mods are advised.



Modification files
HardwareCraft 0.0.3.jar - Update 0.0.3355.37 KB
Hardware craft 0.0.2.jar - Update 0.0.2198.87 KB
HardwareCraft 0.0.1.jar - First version140.17 KB

Version 0.0.3:

-Added more Chiplets with different clocks (now up to 1300MHz)

-Made some changes in color/description

-Added Memory types

-Added different processes (form 1 micrometer to 7 nanometer)

-Recolored memory bandwidths

-Added "Company photomasks"

-Some card are now fully craftable

-Added mod logo

-Added new creative tab for technologies (Memory bandwidth, processes, company photomasks) 


Version 0.0.2:

-Added RAM 8MB-8092MB.

-Added Memory Bus sizes 64bit-256bit.

-Added some Chiplets 1-3001MHz (future updates will provide more options).

-Made some small changes to the items/designs/item descriptions.


Version 0.0.1 (first release):

-Added 3GPUs.

-Added 4 new ores: Copper ore, Bauxite ore, Oily ore, Silicon ore.

-Added 3 ingots: Copper ingot, Aluminium ingot, Silicon Ingot.

-Added Oil and Petroleum.

-Added 5 types of Plastic (basic[white], black, gray, orange, red).

-Added silicon wafer.

-Added fan.

-Added 4 GPU Coolers.

-Added electrical components.

-Added GPU PCB and PCB with electrical components.

-Added Thermal paste

-Added GPU Heatsink and GPU Heatsink with thermal paste.